Steampunk – Accessories – Iconography

Some iconography that seems fairly common throughout the Steampunk genre include:

  • Cogs and gears
  • Watch hands
  • Keys and locks (and those beautiful escutcheons that go with them…)
  • Jailer’s keys on large keyrings
  • Airships, zepplins, flying machines… similarly anything with wings
  • Propellers
  • Tea! (hurrah!)
  • Corset lacing
  • Rivets, grommets, buckles, suspender clips (both above and below the waist styles)
  • Trains – steam engines of course!
  • Goggles
  • Octopus and squid
  • Compass, maps, other things for exploring the world
  • Bees and flies, dragonflies
  • Diving helmets
  • Ray-guns
  • Test tubes
  • Robotics (but with lots of rivets and exposed wiring, mad scientist vs. star wars)
  • Submarines (all Jules-Verne inspired on that one)
  • Cameos and silhouettes

http://www.ittybittyevilkitty.comI think that ravens would be relevant as well, though I haven’t yet seen much of that in my web-browsing.  I think tying the keys and things back in with the EGL movement, crowns and those sort of icons would work as well, in moderation.

What else?

I wanted to record some of this here, as reference, when I come back and am thinking about it…

Updated Jan 1 2011, Jan 7th, 2011

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