Steampunk – Accessories – gloves

Steampunk – Accessories – gloves fingerless gloves seem to be pretty Victorian, so I was looking at a few different styles.

There are these from ZenAndCoffee on Etsy, – I like the longer version (below), however I think they might be less practical than the shorter styles.
Their store also has a number of more decorative versions, but the simple stripes work for me. Since my most current Steampunk outfit is largely black and white, that might also have a strong influence over what I’m looking at lately.

The one thing I dont love about these as much though, is that they have the feel of a mix between fingerless gloves and arm warmers, since they dont actually have individual finger-holes, just the large central hole for the fingers, and then the side hole for the thumb.  Despite that though, these would be super-simple to make – the hardest part would be finding the right fabric to make them up in – a nice wide, deep colour striped knit.  I saw some stripes at Fabricland a few weeks ago, but wasn’t impressed with the fabric at all.  I wonder if checking out some of the cheap t-shirts at a place like Old Navy or something would land me some cool fabric for cheap?

My other option – I have been holding on to two pairs of over-the-knee striped socks (that the heels wore out of very quickly.) that could easily converted to pairs of these kinds of fingerless gloves.   First thought on that – I’ll need to find them (one pair is red and black stripe, the other is white and black), and the second problem – getting access to my sewing machine and serger since right now they’re both covered up due to the basement bathroom renovation.

In the meantime however – I headed to Claire’s before the holidays, and at first picked out a pair of black actual fingerless gloves with a camo fishnet arm warmer over top (kind of like these ones, but with camo instead of grey: – I figured I would pick off the camo and maybe save it to use with my military-fetishy outfit, but then when I got to the till, I saw these: my fingerless gloves(below) black and grey actual fingerless gloves!  They were paired with a pair of those wretched magic-mini black gloves, which are horrible only because they are so thin and tiny… but the fingerless gloves aren’t exactly intended to be ‘warm’ after all – so although these are the same material – these will work!

I took a photo of them with the cute ruffled wrist cuffs I made as well.



2 comments on “Steampunk – Accessories – gloves

  1. mia says:

    I obsess over these gloves! Send me a pair lol

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