Steampunk – Accessories – purses

Steampunk – Accessories – purses

When I did my Steampunk Jabberwock costume, I ended up replacing my tulle “bustle” with my camera bag (which held my camera, credit card, ID, and phone) – there are always things to carry around, but I rarely seem to have hand bags that fit with my costumes. I just wore the strap around my waist – kind of like a fanny pack.

Then I saw this really cool purse with ruffles on it on etsy and thought it would make a great alternative – kind of like a bustle, but with a zipper in it to stash some cash, phone, camera – all of the essentials – without having to also carry a bag.

ruffled purseI ended up making it up in the leftovers from a black and white plaid skirt that I made a year or two ago. Mine isn’t exactly the same (obviously) I think it’s somewhat deeper for starters – it works perfectly as an over-the shoulder purse, but also using an adjuster and clips instead of just rings it works around the waist too – creating support for a bustled skirt!  I popped a fabric black and red sheer flower pin on it for the time being too.  I think it makes for an adorable purse!  (Oh, and it’s lined in red too, with lots of pockets – so things are well-distributed through the purse and easy to find, even in the dark – that’s the problem when designers line all of their bags in black..)

But… if I want to carry a bag, I have another option – it reminds me of an Elizabethan riticule – though I don’t know if the Victorians had a name for this kind of thing… Years ago there was a vendor at the sewing trade show that comes through once a year, and they had these little kits for Victorian-esque purses using printed-to-fabric images, hand dyed lace, and other little elements. I ended up using the kit to make one in white, and then bought another frame and made one up in black velvet.

To make it a bit more “steampunk” I added on a real vintage ‘skeleton’ key on a ball chain on one side, and then found this cute necklace at Claire’s accessories which is sort of a rosary style chain with pearls, with these multi-coloured skeleton key style charms. They are really quite cute. I looped the necklace a few times and attached it to the frame on the other side. Taking a look at their website, I see they’ve also got a small mini pocket-watch style of charm/necklace… if it’s battery operated or actually winds, I might have to keep an eye out for it next time I get to the mall… They also had a mini bird cage which was cute (but I didn’t get it) and I see on the website one called “crowns and key charms” which includes just a print of a watch – nice idea, but not my style to buy.

I think it turned out pretty cute. Thoughts?


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  1. […] pattern down to create the purse shape you like.  I followed the same general pattern shape as the Victorian-style velvet bag I made a few years ago, but you can make really any shape you like. You can have a square bottom, […]

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