Steampunk – Accessories – Goggles and glasses

Tiny, wire rimmed glasses, as seen in this shot from Dracula

So most of the steampunk costumes I see on the basic sites seem to all incorporate goggles, however when I start to look at more sophisticated costumes, they get more sparse.  I think the key here is suitability.  Just like those ‘glue a gear’ pieces I just don’t see a sophisticated, elegant lady totting around a pair of goggles.  An airship hostess/pirate, sure.  A lady adventurer, perhaps (though they’d be more like binoculars, I figure), but they really don’t lend themselves to the kind of costumes I have in mind. 

On the other hand, those tiny little wire-rimmed glasses (Like the picture to the left from the Winnona Ryder/Keanu Reeves/Gary Oldman version of Dracula) would be suitable…  Pinc Nez style, perhaps, jeweller’s lenses, certainly.. but I think I’ll leave the goggles to the same use as the cog-cuff.. a random accessory to throw on while wearing ‘normal’ clothes to associate myself, vs. being an integral part of a Steampunk Costume.

(However, here are some really beautiful goggles, should I ever change my mind:


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