Steampunk – Colours

Made in Photoshop - brownEvery basic ‘steampunk clothing’ site seems to stick with brown… and frankly, I don’t particularly care for brown.  I remember reading an article (likely on the Steampunk Live Journal group) that talked about getting away from brown and appropriate colours. 

First off, anything neon would be out of the picture, (at least for me!) but other than that I think the world is my oyster… my own tendencies seem to stray away from bright colours mind you, though I can imagine shots of brighter colours as accessories. 

My natural inclinations go towards

  • Black
  • Garnet
  • Shades of grey
  • Navy and Wedgewood blue
  • Forest and olive green (I normally wouldn’t do olive, but I picked up some gorgeous olive velvet a month or so ago that has totally won me over…)
  • Cream
  • And for metals – silver, pewter, tin…

However, if part of the goal is to be recognizably “steampunk” (vs. my much more accomplishable neo-Victorian) then some of the steampunk mainstays would probably be good to include… I am thinking that sepia tones, pale peaches, warm browns, brown leathers, and those kinds of bits might be more easy to encorporate.  If only I could find a really nice black and brown stripe to tie my more gothic-neo-Victorian style in with the Steampunk ones, I would be happy!

(of course, I’ve also seen reference to SteamLolita, and SteamGoth, so obviously there are some merging of influences and crossovers involved…I really do like the EGL and EGA designs as well…)

I suppose that part of my goal with this is to have these sorts of things in mind when I fabric (or re-sourceable clothing) shop – so that I dont instinctually overlook things that I normally wouldn’t wear – but would work for these kinds of costumes.  Also, if I’m going to encorporate colours I normally wouldn’t wear, I think it would be interesting to see ways of wearing them.

Some different colour ways - all found in themes at: (while they didnt have anything specifically designed for steampunk, I think this is an interesting jumping off point.)


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