Steampunk – Linktastik

Steampunk – Linktastik

Once I figure out WordPress a bit better, I’ll hopefully be able to figure out how to get the blogroll on the side – but, until then, I’m keeping this list of interesting links.  Some are just eye candy, while others are inspirational/aspirational.  So, since I can’t always be on my laptop everywhere I go… and I thought it would be good to share with some of the Steamy folks I know, I thought I’d share my favorites list as far as Steampunk (inspiration, information, products) goes.

House and Home

The Steampunk Home
The Steampunk Home

The Steampunk Home – really interesting blog looking at home décor with a steamy vibe. I like the ideas brought up in this one – I spent hours reading a lot of it one night – and I like the idea of taking the ‘style’ into different areas. After reading it, I realized how many of the pieces I have in my own home that could be considered ‘steampunk’.

Brass Goggles thread – There are some nice photos of interior decorating – Steampunk style on this thread too.

Added Feb 2011Artforms of Nature – I found this via the Steampunk Home blog – but I think it deserves it’s own category.  As far as ‘botanical’ or scientific artwork is concerned, this is paydirt!

DIY & Dress Diaries not a real dress diary persay – but rather a lot of photos with some explainations of how she made things. I remember her from when I was doing Tudor research – such lovely costumes!

Dragonfly Designs by Alisa – Some seriously beautiful costumes and outfits – along with great photos of the finished product, and work in progress and inspiration photos. Once I figure out WordPress a bit more, hopefully I’ll be able to approach this!

How to make Spats – a step by step of how to make spats.

The Steam Wench’s Salon – someone just as new as I am to all of this – but some great photos of her projects-in-progress so far… I look forward to seeing where she goes with it!

Millinery (Hats)

Feb 2011 addition – Some seriously over-the-top Victorian hats at Emily Way Hats.

Rayguns – a step by step video how to make a raygun from brass sheet – including a link to the original instructions, and comments on where the originals need tweaking.


Feb 2011 addition – SteamBaby on Etsy – some beautiful, high-end goggles.  Out of my price range, but gorgeous and inspirational (aspirational!).

Products (aka things to buy)

Lovechild Boudoir –  I especially like the long bustle skirts.

Steampunk Couture – I started to love her work looking through Etsy – some great clothing, and beautiful models/styling.

Clockwork Couture – I LOVE that they do line drawings with their garments (most of the time) – so many designers photograph their clothing in all-black and you can’t see any of the details… this solves the problem so nicely!

Feb 2011 additionPinky Noodles – An Etsy supply seller – some great cameos and things. I have ordered once from her, and was happy with the purchase.  While there is nothing else I want to get from her right now (other than the item that was backordered) it’s a link to keep my eye on for when she has additional items added.

…yeah… this area will grow I’m sure over time!


Google ripper – like google search, but without the thumbnails…  Just type in the term you’re looking for (steampunk, bustle, neo Victorian, whatever…)

Vintage Printables

Vintage Printables

Vintage printable – not so much inspiration for garments themselves, but just interesting images to possibly do things with. I find the vintage botanical images the most intriguing.

Steampunk Flickr – more great images, though not really easy to go through since they’re not sub-categorised. is a bit better for my purposes. I really should put this on my laptop while working on my work computer or something, and put it to slideshow… or when I’m sick, or something!  Feb 2011 addition – Steampunk at Dragon*con flickr set:

Feb 2011 addition – Site seemingly focused on links and pictures from around the web – though it promises costumes – will have to go back and dig in further later…

The Steampunk Empire – every time I get to this site, I get somewhat overwhelmed by how much is here…and just end up looking at the pictures… so, instead of putting it in one of the other categories, it’s going into ‘inspiration’!

Blogs & publications

Totus Mel Wunderkammer – exploring the best and brightest of Etsy. The layout is great and easy to absorb… I actually really like the way the writer does the images, though I think it would be additional work… hmmm  Similar, there is an Etsy Roundup – however this author posts by etsy maker, vs theme, so it’s a bit less discovery, and a bit more shopping….

Steampunk Live Journal – I used to use LiveJournal groups a lot, but haven’t been on there in ages – however I check back to this group frequently.

Steampunk on a budget Live Journal – I only recently found this one, it doesn’t look nearly as interesting as the other one though… when I first started looking online at ‘steampunk’ this was one of the first sites that came up. I find it’s not as interesting to me as others, but still worth a look at – once in a while there is a gem here.

Ok.. it’s not a blog, but it’s darn close – the Facebook Steampunk group -the moderator (s?) post regular links to new and cool stuff, and there is the Steampunk Magazine – the website seems more blog than magazine, but another jumping off point… has a few interesting posts with some good pictures – some interesting things.

Feb 2011 addition – Another blogger working towards a costume by the looks of things – with lots of books in between.

Feb 2011 addition – Steampunk Magazine – I head back to this page every now and again, but the website is just there to support the magazine (which is available as a digital version) and the front page isn’t updated frequently.

Feb 2011 addition – LiveJournal Buy & Sell Steampunk Community. I wasn’t sure to put this under the “products” (aka shopping) category, or the blogs category (since it’s basically a blog about things to buy, but take a look none the less… LOL  I didn’t see anything in the first few pages that really jumped off the page for me (hmm well maybe one or two…) but since it’s a community, it’s always changing depending on the members posting.

Weddings, wedding cakes

(I’m mostly including this category because I have an acquaintance who is thinking of a steampunk wedding, but also because sometimes this illustrates ways of tying things together.) – several cakes, ideas. – not really a wedding cake, but instead a gingerbread house. Probably because of the Dickens association, but xmas (and hence, gingerbread houses) always seem Victorian to me. I’m putting this one here because I highly doubt I’ll have any other baking/cake/cooking links. Click “older entries” for even more.

Off-Beat-Bride – a blog entry about a Steampunk wedding – perhaps there will be more to follow? (n.b. Yeppers… see below)  More photos from the wedding are here:

Stacy & Eric’s wedding – amazingly good photos, and wonderful little touches on a themed wedding.


Feb 2011 addition – I haven’t actually been able to look at this one much yet – it looks like largely digital steamy artwork on first glance.

Feb 2011 addition – The artwork of Jessica Joslin – I caution, this artist has taken brass and merged it with bone, clockwork, leathers, etc.  It’s beautiful, but also morbid and grotesque.  I can’t entirely decide if the artwork is appealing or disturbing… so view at your own discretion.

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