Eye of the storm



ScreenCap from the Eye of the Storm video

Another music post here – ah.. costume-related content, I’ll get to you some day!

In the meantime, I was wandering the other day and came across http://www.epbot.com/ which I know that I’ve been to before, though I can’t quite remember why.  Near the bottom of the first page (at least today) was this:

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!  The good points- just sheer beautiful, well done, rich… etc.  The ‘making of’ video is actually pretty interesting and insightful too.  The bad point – I really don’t care for the music.  LOL  I’ve been having it play over and over again in the background, but I just can’t get with it.  Now.. put this same video (graphically) along with some different music (I’m thinking of Farewell by Apocalyptica) and I’d watch it for hours.  Assuming I didn’t have other computer work to do. Which I always do.

Note to self.. I really want to give the rest of Ebot’s blog a read one of these days… one of these days where I’m not already running an hour and 15 minutes behind schedule for all of the OTHER things I need to do!

One comment on “Eye of the storm

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