The lure of Etsy (pt2)


Octopus hair clip/pin from Steampunk Couture

When I came home from dinner on Friday,  I had a lovely surprise waiting for me – as referenced in my original Lure of Etsy post, one of the items arrived!


It’s pretty much what I expected, however the clip seems to be installed backwards for what is easier for me to clip/unclip.  As in, I had no problem clipping it into the wig on my head form for the photo, but  when I was trying to put it in my own hair, it became more problematic.  It’s very light, but not QUITE as light as I had sort of hoped… (still workable though!)

I’m trying to decide between taking the clip off entirely and putting on a different style of clip perhaps.  Ditto for the broach pin – I have a feeling it’s toooo huge to use as a broach, and it’s more likely to get caught on my hair than anything else…

Now, just to wait for the other items to arrive – hopefully Monday/Tuesday?


Worn on one of my wigs


One comment on “The lure of Etsy (pt2)

  1. […] get an idea of the size.  Pretty large considering, however still not nearly as large as the other recent octopus that joined my accessories collection!  The shot is also a bit closer up so you can see the detail […]

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