Lure of Etsy (pt 3)


Okies.. so another package came last night.  I’m generally pleased.  The roses are very cool, the skulls are sweeeeet, and the clips, well, they’re just clips, so they’re functional. The disapointment – the shipper forgot to pack the settings as well, so I’ve followed up on Etsy to find out when they’re coming, but since I’m swamped busy right now anyways, I’m sure I can wait a week or two.

The plan… well the roses are larger than I had figured in my head, so the plan was to add them to an existing necklace, but I think I’ll need to re-think that.  Probably pendant for one, facinator decoration for the other.  Just think of how adorable one would look with some gorgeous vintage French/Russian netting…  The clips for facinators, hair-flowers, and other things (I need to replace the broach pins on one of my hair flowers with a clip, and we’ll see if some of the very small facinators will work better with these than with a comb) and the skulls will go into their settings (whenever they arrive) to become pendants and perhaps one for a focal point on a mini-top hat / facinator.  How seriously adorable are the skulls?? ❤ I adored them the first time I saw them online!

Just one more Etsy package left to wait for… Hopefully it comes today or tomorrow!  Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from looking more (while I was on the site sending the email) for other lovely things that I really dont need but completely want!  Hopefully one of these days I’ll get the basement finally finished off and I’ll be able to post my OWN work instead of just shopping and things!

*original Lure of Etsy post


One comment on “Lure of Etsy (pt 3)

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