Steampunk – Another pocketwatch idea

Loads of selection

So, after doing my own mini-pocketwatch, I was out at Michael’s the other day, and saw that they’re now carrying a LOT more watch parts than they were before.  In the past, I’ve seen them there, but they had only one or two styles, and they were in the 30$ range.  (Of course, I almost always print off the 40% coupon from their website or clip out of their flyer, but still….)

Now, they have a huge selection up – and while most of them are for typical watch-bands, there are TWO that are pocketwatch style! One in silver-tone, the other in brass-tone.  I personally like my little copper one a LOT more, but options are always good! These new ones are about half the price, at $14.99 and $16.99.  You can click on the image for a larger version.

It does make me wonder though – who wears a watch anymore?  I haven’t in years  – because of my allergy to metal (and hence the back of the watch, the buckle, and in the all-plastic Swatch-brand watches, the exposed battery..), but I rarely see them on anyone else either, since everyone carries around their cell phones/Blackberry/iPod/etc.

Two pocket watch styles


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