The Lure of Etsy, pt 4

So 2 weeks ago I received the third purchase from my “lure of Etsy” mini-shopping spree, and I adore what I got!  I had every intention of posting sooner, but there were photos to take, and it’s been really busy around here!

Very cute little octopus'

So here they are – one copper-tone, and one silver-tone octopus’, (is that the right plural form?) shown next to my little spider plant in my “Write your own story” typewriter coffee mug. (As an aside, I bought the mug at Michael’s in their $1.50 bin for specifically this purpose, and the plant is doing well. I wanted to take it to work when I knew it would be healthy, since I killed the last one at work.) The octopus’ are actually pretty detailed, and I’m really happy with them.

I am not totally sure how I’m going to use them right now – I think one will become a pendant and the other go onto a fascinator/hat, or become a pin perhaps.  I had mentioned it to an acquaintance at a recent pot-luck dinner party, and saw her on Friday night, so I strung the copper one onto a satin rattail cord for the time being (to wear it as a necklace as a quick-and-dirty solution) and I like it that simple for the time being.  Not being able to wear chain necklaces really does impede me sometimes – because the copper chain I used for my mini-pocketwatchwould work really well with the copper octopus….

I’ve included a shot of the octopus’ beside a ‘loonie’ dollar coin so you can get an idea of the size.  Pretty large considering, however still not nearly as large as the other recent octopus that joined my accessories collection!  The shot is also a bit closer up so you can see the detail in the little guys too.  Overall, I’m really happy with them, and think that if I can’t decide exactly which will become what, that I might get a few more to have more options… (ei: a silver and a copper pendant, a copper and a silver pin, etc..)  Lately I’ve really had a ‘thing’ for octopus accessories it seems!  (Which all started with my octopus/Cthulu image pendant.)

Just to show the scale

On another happy note, I planted my tomato seeds in little mini upcycled greenhouses today – crossing my fingers that they grow – there is still a lot of snow on the ground, but I can feel Spring coming…

One comment on “The Lure of Etsy, pt 4

  1. […] this up sooner, but time got away from me.  You might remember the small copper octopus from my Lure of Etsy post, well a bit ago I bought some pretty copper chain, and put it together into a pretty octopus […]

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