Steampunk – interior decorating

Steampunk – interior decorating

While working on the linktastik post,  there were a few entries that got me thinking about interiors in addition to fashion/costume, which of course, got me thinking about similar elements in our own home…

I just thought that it would be interesting to share some of them here, likely to be added to later – since I only have a few photos!

Steampunk Bookshelf

Steampunk-styled Bookshelf

Fossil on a brass stand, crystal ball on a brass stand, and my beautiful moss terrarium.  The fossil – I don’t know where it came from, probably a gift store in Drumheller I’m guessing.  The crystal ball on the brass stand was given to us by my uncle – I remember when he lived in Vancouver, seeing it on his coffee table, but I always thought it belonged to his roommate.  I think it’s beautiful!  The terrarium – this past year I made a number of them for some of my closest friends.  Fields of moss in the forest always make me think of a lush fairy-world, and I love the little pathways filled with sunlight.  Plus, they always look so soft, as though you could lay down and sink into the moss like a featherbed.  Making these was an attempt to capture some of that majick indoors. (And yes, those are old National Geographic and Readers Digest books…)

A number of years ago we received a photo frame, trinket box, and table lamp

Front Hall Lamp

Front Hall Lamp

in stained glass as a gift.  A while back, the lamp broke, and we’ve been looking for a replacement.  A month or so ago we finally found one – it’s also stained glass, which is similar to some of the other lamps in the area.  I wouldn’t pick yellows/oranges/creams as a first choice colour-wise, but it certainly makes the colour of the light nice and warm.  (Mind you, this was taken with a flash which washes things out a bit…)  Show beside a wooden box dad made for us.  I’m sure someone who knows wood would know what it is, but I don’t.  He had a thing for beautiful woods though, so I’m guessing it’s something special, vintage, or exotic.

More to come later….

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