Pocketwatch gone home-decor

halligan’s pocket watch wall clock

I’ve been thinking about pocketwatches as well as home decor separately, and of course the whole gears-and-cogs element of watches is wonderful.  I’ve loved the giant huge over-sized wall clocks (we have one on our back porch too) but I also came across this fantastic DIY post on Design*Sponge.

The instructions are cool, but just the idea is amazing… I love that the designer was inspired by Alice in Wonderland (another love of mine), but most of all that this idea just came out – I think it’s awesome. It’s one of those things that makes me so happy that there are such cool, creative people out there!

That got me thinking mostly about clocks…. so I decided to hunt for some other cool things.  The problem I mostly have is SPACE… where there isn’t a bookshelf on a wall, there’s a window, a door, or artwork .  Perhaps going back into the garden is an option… which sounds like the basis for a completely different post…

In the meantime though, check out these cool ideas!

Linked from Overstock.com

From Overstock.com there is a neat clock with gears and whatnot.  The downside, the gears are just decorative, not functional.  Boo. It’s also almost $150 Cdn (“today” – likely the price changes based on exchange rate from the US$) which doesn’t exactly say ‘what would I like to save on today’, but I suppose if it really strikes you, it would be worth it… (after shipping, perhaps not so much though……)

Pillowcases from Branch Hand Made

Getting off the wall (ha ha) here are some interesting pocketwatch scree-printed pillow cases from BranchHandMade on Etsy.  (Is it just me, or does Etsy come up Waaaaaay too often in Google searches these days? They must be paying for high placements or something…)  This would be a much easier product to ship, and incorporate things back into the home without having to go on the wall!  If you had the resources (image, screenprinting equipment or willing to do a digital print) you could totally do this yourself too.  Actually – screenprinting is costly to set up IMO, and with a pair of pillowcases only 18$ from Branch Hand Made, it would be far cheaper to just order it…

Wood Garden's Timeless Clock

Another pillow option also comes from the wonderful world of Etsy (I feel a little sad that I’m becoming such a fan…) but this one is a pillow case for a throw pillow, but done with a pre-printed fabric (likely a digital transfer/digital print) and a secondary fabric plus trim.  This one is from the Wood Garden shop.  I kind of like this a bit better actually, though I actually quite hate throw pillows.  They are always so delightfully pretty in pictures, so lovely to see in the home, but so cumbersome and annoying when actually trying to live with them.  If they’re on the bed, what do you do with them when you want to go to sleep?  Toss them on the floor? Cram them in a corner? If they’re on a sofa, they rarely are the right size to support your back, and unless you’re on one of those horrible couches with rotten armrests, they’re not all that useful there either.  I have a few, which never get used, apart from when a certain someone comes over and prefers to sit on the floor rather than the couch.

While on the textile bent, how about ordering (or creating) fabric from Spoonflower?  If you haven’t heard of it before, Spoonflower is a place where you can submit your images, and they’ll print the fabric for you, and send you the yardage. Cool.  Of course, there’s also a whole gallery of fabrics that other people have designed and made available to you.  I THINK that the artist gets a commission based on how much they sell, though don’t quote me on that!  How about making your own curtains or pillow cases or duvet cover with something like this swatch? With Quilting weight cotton at 18$/yard (plus shipping *sigh*) that’s actually pretty comparable to high-end quilting fabrics at regular price.  (Let’s just forget the fact that I rarely buy fabric at regular price… but I also rarely get to print my own fabric….).  I had hoped to add a picture here, but it won’t link up.  Just click instead.  🙂

Hand towels from the Hip Hip Gin Gin blog

More textiles – hand towels.  I imagine these must be linen towels vs. the fluffy variety, in order for the image to reproduce so well, but still a cool idea.  I can see these printed with brown ink on a cream towel, displayed along with brown and golden towels in a brass and dark-wood filled bathroom.  Yum!  (Not my bathroom… that doesn’t suit what I would want to live with on a regular basis, but it’s a cool idea, non?)  I found these on the Hip Hip Gin Gin blog.  (Which seems to mostly be about style and beauty, but still a gem of a post.)

From the Steampunk Home blog

From the Steampunk Home blog (I can’t get away from this blog!!! Not that I would try, but I also don’t like the idea of seemingly blatantly linking here constantly…) this is just gorgeous.  10 ft of steel and glass – amazing!  Totally unrealistic, but amazing!  Really, if you are loving the whole idea of steampunk, neo-Victorian, Gaslamp Fantasy – inspired home decor, just go here!


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