Winter Wonderland

So, although this isn’t loading up until mid-March, Im actually writing it mid-February.  (Hurrah for scheduled posts!)

Ive been invited to a potentially cool party, where the theme is luxury in the woods.  It’s a surprise party, so hence the post-delay! I’m going at it from a Winter Wonderland perspective to start out… and we’ll see how it goes from there…

Photo from DarkFairy

So, recording down some inspirational images.  For some bizarre reason the my browser was acting strange, so if you see any odd marks, they’re just ones I didn’t catch!

With this first image, I like the luxury contrasted with the woods – the big ball gown style, the over-the-top hat, but even the fact that there is a lot of texture, and the long red hair is lovely too.

In contrast, there’s a cool image at which has a lot more colour – a bit more jungle-themed vs. this sort of elegant gothic look.  I’d show the image, but it wont let me… 😦

from ealiaine on deviant art

Next up, a digital photo manipulation – this one is interesting being all-green, and again the texture is part of the appeal despite the mono-chromatic look.  I like the leaf-feather boa, and the leaf-feather hairpiece as well in this one.

A lot of my web-searching also took me to photos of ‘fairies’ like the next example.  I don’t think that there will be any wings for this party though, so although I like the costume in theory – I don’t think that it’s the right direction.


tiara or hairpiece

I quite like this next image – the tiara that is.. though its not surprising, since I already have something similar to it – though it’s on a comb instead of a hair band just for starters, and the ends are crystals on mine instead of pearls, and it’s silver rather than gold.  Hmmm but otherwise it’s exactly the same 😉  This version is also significantly larger (taller) than the one I have.

That led me to start looking at different ‘natural’ tiaras and those sorts of things – it’s my thought that perhaps an entire costume isn’t necessary, but instead perhaps just some well- placed accessories.  I started looking at a particular Etsy seller called WhichGoose, and totally loved some of the different styles she had for inspiration.

Queen of the Woods by WhichGoose

First up, a tiara that is aptly named ‘Queen of the Woods’.  I really like that she’s used a natural base, that it’s asymmetrical, the colours are soft and natural, and it’s still glamorous with pearls and things. I don’t really care for the ties however – the tiara isn’t closed, but rather adjusts and ties together with satin ribbons.  I suppose I’m nervous about the ties coming undone, and would rather see something that is held with clips or something (?).

Next up by the same seller is another version; I really like how the photo shows it sweeping across the forehead, almost like a floral bang/fringe.  I can really see something like this coming together – with the pine cones and the star anise, and something like silk freesia or something.  I think the hardest part would be finding the low-contrast, muted tones for the flowers. 

I love the ‘double crown’ of the next example as well – also by Which Goose.  I think it’s especially successful because of how well the base blends with the model’s hair- seeming as though the flowers are almost floating through the hair.

double crown by WhichGoose

So, the next two by the same seller are ones that I think could really be getting more to the idea I have in mind – or rather, are more aligned with what I think the vision of this event could be…  who knows if the party host will feel the same though! LOL.  Isn’t that sometimes the way? Regardless, the first one is the Twiggy Wire style, and I really like this one just

Twiggy Wire

because of it’s simplicity, and because it is so down-to-earth in it’s own way.  I also think it would be exceptionally easy to reproduce, assuming I could find the right base to start out.  I also think that it could quickly look less luxurious if not done ‘big’ enough.

The Shape of Clouds

And last, the one that I think would work best is called The Shape of Clouds – which I like partially just because I find the name inspiring as anything else I’m sure! LOL  The wavy base, the curly-q’s with the pearls, the lush-looking flowers…  I think I like this the best, though finding the base materials, finding the flowers, all of this might be challenging overall – but I think that this is a good challenge, it really captures the idea I have in mind.  It’s elegant, while still be woodsy and natural…

So that brings me to outfit – and I can’t say that I really have much of an idea for this. My first thought is something rather ball-gown like, or sophisticated cocktail.  While searching online (for I have no idea what..) I came across an image of Natalie Portman from Star Wars, with this green gown with a hood, and I think that this might be a good jumping off point.

Natalie Portman - from Wikipedia

I picked up that olive-green spandex velvet back before Christmas, and haven’t quite figured out what I want to do with it.  Part of the problem is that I like it so much, I have TOO many ideas to use for that fabric – some steampunk, some some not.  But the hood idea is pretty consistent, so I’m thinking of something long, fairly straight, but with a deep, luxurious hood like show in this costume.

So, that’s what I came up with today… I have a feeling as though I might be coming back to this – the only hold-up, I STILL don’t have a functional basement (the construction is done, but the cleaning keeps being stalled because of other issues) so any sewing/crafting is going to be difficult…..

4 comments on “Winter Wonderland

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