Fantasy Steampunk Artwork

Artwork from Tuomas Korpi

I was going to just add this to the artwork post I did a few days ago, but thought that this one deserved a post of it’s very own.  Check out the gorgeous artwork of Finnish artist, designer, and illustrator Tuomas Korpi.  I read somewhere that you can buy high-resolution digital versions of his artwork to print yourself, but couldn’t find anything about that on the website.  😦

I love this first image – the mix of incredible splendor – a gorgeous building that reminds me vaguely of one of the museums I went to in New Orleans, and destruction both by time, weather, and war.  Of course, the website is minimalist, and there is no information at all about these images, but I wonder about the inspiration.


How about this amazing library?  You really need to click the images to see them in their original size, but this is beautiful too.  It reminds me a bit of a video game I played years and years ago – Myst (and the subsequent sequels Riven, and others…) which was set in this other-world that seemed to blend history, technology, and nature.  I can just envision a hole in that glorious ceiling allowing a vine to trail inwards and overtake the library, recently abandoned.

"Ocean Deep"

This one is a bit more Jules Verne in feel – the underwater exploration in a ship that has never been built…  It’s almost a bit creepy to me, that sense of foreboding that just seems to come with underwater exploration.  Maybe I’ve watched too many movies, but it always seems as though no good will come of it.. hehe

"Untitled Steampunk Painting"

Finally the last image I especially wanted to share – is like an artistic love letter to the steampunk fans out there.. if for no other reason than the title
“Untitled Steampunk Painting”.  I imagine that the two figures are thieves or outlaws, hiding out in a museum or laboratory, while their pursuers slowly get closer and closer.  Only at the last possible moment, as the heavy oak door splinters at the weight of the lawmen outside, do the anti-heros jump into the plane above them and hope that the machine not only functions, but can deliver them to safety.


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