Steampunk Accessories – Raygun Holster

So once I got thinking about the ray gun, I realized that a large reason I didn’t like the two that I made, was that I really didn’t have a cute way of carrying them around.  That brings me to holsters…

Image from AetherGoggles

This holster I found from a craftsperson on Deviant Art called AetherGoggles.  I get the idea behind it, but don’t particularly care for it.  It doesn’t seem much better than the suggestion of “an old leather purse” that I found on one of the Steampunk message boards.  With that being said, the ‘corset’ like element is kind of cute, and perhaps could be incorporated somehow, but I just don’t think it’s right for me.

Holster from the Steampunk Closet

Then there’s this model from Steampunk Closet.  It seems somewhat bulky and cumbersome, but perhaps that has more to do with the style of the toy gun inside.  This is specifically made for the Nerf Maverick, which makes me think a bit more about using that gun as my base to do my own.  The site itself might be interesting – it’s hard to tell; it was hacked and wasn’t functional when I was looking at it.

TechDragon's Maverick holster

Then I found this version from an Etsy seller called TechDragon. I really like the addition of the additional ‘amo’ sleeves, but really, the amo for this gun (again, the Nerf Maverick) really doesn’t steam up very well.  Like the previous version, I also find that this version looks bulky.

from a movie prop forum

On a movie prop website forum, one of the posters posted something his or her friend had made.  This is getting closer to what I have in mind, it’s a bit sleeker, more streamlined, and slightly more ‘feminine’.

I like the cut away for the ‘air canisters’ for the steampunk gun, and the rivets along the bottom shape.  There is also another photo if you click the link, showing the design of how the leather was cut before it was riveted together. I do find it a bit plain though – the shape is sleek, but so is the embellishment, and I think that something fancier would be nice to see at least.

Holster from Witches Workshop

Now this one, from the Etsy shop called ‘witches workshop’ is a bit closer still to what I have in mind. It’s decorative (the vials, the brass plate, the leather tooling, and the paint.   The shape is slightly less sleek, but it’s still much less bulky than the ones made for the Maverick.

I think this is convincing that the Maverick might not be the best toy to begin with, especially for the kind of costumes I can see making.

The other thing that is unique about this one, is that it’s slung off the hip and attached at the leg. While the leg attachment is a no-go, I do like the lower slung holster, rather than having something hang off a belt at the waist.  However, in her other photos, I don’t really care for the way it’s attached, and think that it hangs awkwardly, so I’d be more likely to have two points coming off the waist in a ‘v’ shape instead.  I imagine that the leg strap works to keep it from flopping around or traveling to the back or front, but since I’ll be almost certainly wearing skirts instead of pants, this is just not an option.

For those reading this – any idea why the leg strap is vital?  Any thoughts on making something like this that will be skirt & dress friendly?

One comment on “Steampunk Accessories – Raygun Holster

  1. BillyT says:

    Check out the last guys site Steampunked Out.

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