Winter Wonderland Tiara

winter wonderland tiara

So inspired by some of the examples I mentioned in my inspiration post, I decided to go about making one of the woodland-inspired tiaras.  When I got to the craft store I really didn’t think that I would find the material to make the Twiggy Wire one, so I started to look for materials to make something inspired by ‘the shape of clouds’ one instead.  I figured that the most challenging thing would be finding the base itself – but finding the faux-vine covered wire was actually pretty easy.  They only had it in one width and colour – but as I had been thinking of building the base out of millinery wire and then covering it in brown ribbon, I wasn’t going to get too fussy!

faux vine-covered wire

I also picked up some silk ivy – they had a bunch of different types so that actually only took some effort just in picking out which had the colours I wanted and the right sized leaves.

silk ivy

Then flowers!  I actually had a bit of a hard time with this.  First there were some wedding flowers I liked right away – stark white with rhinestone centers – but the shape of them didn’t seem right – they were too deep for the design of this one.  Then I remembered that in the description of ‘the shape of clouds’ the artist said she used paper flowers, so I checked out the scrapbooking area and wasn’t terribly impressed, but picked up a tin of paper flowers in cream and white.  Then in the silk flower area I found a stem of white roses.  I wasn’t really sure what I would use, but I got all three.

Sheer ribbon

I also picked up some sheer white ribbon.  I know that I have some somewhere, but I didn’t know if I had enough, or if I’d be able to get to it (yeah, the basement is still a post-reno mess…).

So putting it together was pretty easy – first making the base, and wrapping the ends with the sheer ribbon so  that they wouldn’t catch on my hair.  From there I used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon, then a bunch of the ivy leaves, and then the white roses.  (They just looked a lot better than the other flowers.)

The starting base

I contemplated adding pearls or rhinestones, but preferred it looking a bit more simple.  However I did dress it up a bit by winding the ribbon back around the tiara over and under the flowers/leaves.

The finished version

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