Sarai's octo-drive

How adorable is this little guy?  He’s from Sarai’s Etsy shop, and he’s totally cute IMO.  Yep – he’s a flash-drive cover, made of felt.  Yeah, totally useless, but just a splash of cute to make me smile.  Perhaps I’ll get around “one

steampunk workshop's flash drive

of these days” to making one for myself.  It certainly would be cuter than the bare, unadorned ones I have sitting around in my drawer right now, and more attainable than the gorgeous steampunk ones I’ve seen on steamworkshop’s Etsy store, or any of the others that follow the same style!  (Mind you, once I get the mini-hooks installed, mine will all be in a little black standing coffin, which is pretty darn cute all on it’s own… so I suppose if I do make a little cover, it must be sized to dwell within the coffin too! (and have a hook.) ) Hmm skelo-squi-drive? ghost-octo-drive?)

Just a random post here on my end, after finding him while browsing through the cephalopod tea party blog. (which just so happens to feature an adorable squi-drive too… and yes, I’m making up the names for these things, cus I have just had ThatMuchBlackTea this afternoon..)


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