Tentacles, tentacles everywhere…

Tentacles, tentacles everywhere…you know that feeling when you get a new car, or try a new food, or anything that is ‘new’ to you – suddenly you see it everywhere?  Well now that I’ve been thinking about octopi, I’m seeing them everywhere! (Along with squid, cuttlefish, etc.)  I started with one of my small glass pendants (Cthulu on one side, and a close up black and white photograph of tentacles on the other), then got the great hair clip from Steampunk Couture, and then another pendant made from a brass stamping (in copper) from another Etsy seller. Still in progress – my Cthulu toque – which will likely be finished soon, since the weather has been warming up nicely to no-need-for-toque weather. (that’s how it works, right?)

societysedso's rust pendant

Today I saw this adorable little pendant – it makes me almost wish polymer clay were easier for me to work with.  It’s from societysedso – isn’t it cute?  I had to look at a larger version at first to see if the little suckers got smaller as the tentacle narrowed (it does) because my first thought (with how even the suckers are) was that they were made from seed-beads.  I generally find polymer clay really hard to get kneaded – though I know that there are multiple brands, and that not all of it is the same.  I still approach it with caution though.

PoisonInc's hair combs

Next up – you have to use your imagination here – the photos aren’t nearly as good as they could be – but the idea is awesome… tentacled hair combs!  These are from Etsy seller PoisonInc.  I especially love the metallic green paint, and the s-curve comb.  They remind me vaguely of the horn-combs I’ve seen off and on (mostly in goth photoshoots).

awkward jellyfish

On the topic of tentacles, how about jellyfish?  I remember being mesmorized by them at the Vancouver Aquairium,  and these ones are just plain awesome… it’s like a completely different version of a stuffed animal.  It’s from a seller called ‘awkward’ – I didn’t just give it a strange and unusual caption!

Jayne Danger's Octo-plushie

On that stuffed animal front – how about   Jane Danger’s Octo-plushie? There are also mohawked octopi and moustached octopi.  Awesome.


From Societysedso these are adorable too – and the legs are hinged with eye-pins so they can move…  I found this on the cephalopod tea party blog as well.  On the blog she shows a version on a cord as a pendant, but I don’t know if i would wear it like that myself… it strikes me as one of those things someone would hang from a rear-view mirror myself.. so with every speed bump and driveway curb the little legs could wiggle away…

Yes.. I realize my blog is more often than not it’s own little Etsy treasury.  Ahem.

3 comments on “Tentacles, tentacles everywhere…

  1. […] after looking at one of the tentacle pendants from my “Tentacles everywhere” post, I got inspired one day, and picked up some polymer clay after all.  Yes, I still had some […]

  2. […] don’t think that my versions are as good as my inspiration, but I’m still pretty pleased with them! Published […]

  3. […] to make the pendants in one of my Tentacles posts, I also made a hair clip inspired by one of the tentacle hair combs from this post. Although I made the tentacle a while back, I didn’t get around to affixing it to a clip […]

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