Can’t stay away from Etsy

The other day I was in serious need of some retail therapy, but we had just had a huge dump of snow, and there was no way I was going to leave the house again once I got home… so… Etsy!

I’d been meaning to place an order for the item that didn’t come from my last order (grrr) and of course, while I’m there…. it’s impossible not go to my “favorites” menu and start thinking of all the other lovely things I’d like…

Finished version of one of the cameos I'm getting from The Cat Slave's Etsy shop.

So, this time around I’m expecting some brass steampunk, gothic and one sort of rockabilly-esque charms, some steampunk and gothic cameos, and of course the settings that I originally was going to order anyways.  Of course, I didn’t order nearly enough settings to fit all of the cameos I ordered, so I’ll need to order more later.  Also… most of the cameos come in sets of two… and I only need the one.  Sooo – does anyone want to purchase some cameos off me when the order comes in? Hahaa

I was also tempted to get the laser-cut stainless steel bat that is in my favorites menu right now, but I’ll hold off for the time being – mostly because I can’t really decide between black and silver….


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