So another post about movies and entertainment perhaps?

Poster from the IMPA awards site

I was sent a link to this movie – all en Francais unfortunately (though the tiny bit in the trailer I do understand – though if I were to find it locally, I’d need a copy with subtitles en Anglais!) : Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc-Sec. Pterodactyls, dinosaurs, mummies, other fantastical elements set in a vaguely dark Victorian era.  Beautiful!  The description: An adventure set in the early party of the 20th century and focused on a popular novelist and her dealings with would-be suitors, the cops, monsters, and other distractions.

Click the poster to see some of the other posters – the Russian (?) ones are particularly nice.  Click the link above to see the trailer video.  (Would have been nice if it were embed-able!) Apparently it’s based on a French (Belgium by the looks of things) comic book, but hasn’t been dubbed in English.  Might make it hard to find – since generally people aren’t too keen on reading their adventure movies.  If you happen to find it at Casablanca or Bird  Dog video though, let me know!

Next up, I saw a clip of this the other night on Space Channel while watching another movie – it looks like Riese: Kingdom Falling has already been on in the US, and Canada is the first market outside of the US to carry it.

Apparently Riese: Kingdom Falling is a science fiction-fantasy series with strong steampunk influences where a traveler named Riese flees across a war-torn land evading assassins with her wolf (Fenrir – haha someone is as creative with naming things as I am.) hunted by a religious sect.  (Info from Wikipedia.)  There are a bunch of clips on YouTube from the series – might be interesting to check out before hand and see if it looks worth watching.  If it’s just total action-adventure, it might be less interesting to me, but it’s being compared to Sanctuary, which I’ve caught a few episodes of, and find interesting.

I also had the vague interest in seeing Sucker Punch – but it’s unlikely that I’ll see it in the theatres at this point – it’s getting terrible reviews (or rather, the reviews are all positive about the look and feel of the movie, but really frustrated with the lack of plot) so it sounds more like a dvd pick up so I can pause and look at the imagery, rather than trying to get to the theatre to see it there.. (Since I  hate going to the movie theatre anyways). It seemed to have some Steampunk influences from the trailer at least – though since I’ve never read the comic, who knows…

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