Tentacles abound!

Tentacle - red, black, and copper

Well, after looking at one of the tentacle pendants from my “Tentacles everywhere” post, I got inspired one day, and picked up some polymer clay after all.  Yes, I still had some left over from a previous project, but feh.

Ultimately, I was glad that I did pick up some new stuff (in red and pearl) because the older stuff that I had left over was the hard, crumbly stuff that I remember from polymer clay.  I don’t know if that was the way it was before, or if it dried out a bit since I bought it, but blah.  I made ONE thing with the older stuff and then gave up and went back to the new stuff.  (As an FYI, the older stuff I had (in black) was Sculpty, while the new stuff that I picked up was Premo! – much better!)

So, what do you think? I definitely have my favorites – now it’s just a matter of picking out some cord, stringing them up, and wearing them!  I definitely have more than I’ll ever wear, and I have a few folks in mind for giftables too… how many of my friends think these are as neat as I do??

Tentacles - four of my favorites

These are four of my favorites – at least for the moment.  I blended the red and pearl together, hoping to do a transition effect, but it didn’t really work, so I ended up with a dark pink instead for two of them, with little pearl suckers.  With the pearl mixed in with the red though, there’s a nice shimmer.  The white one is just pearl, and the other one was just red on red, then painted with a wash of black, and the suckers highlighted in copper.

Tentacle - red, black, and copper

A close up shot of the black, red, and copper tentacle, shot on a piece of coral!

Tentacle - red and pearl

Tentacle - red and pearl

This one was shot on an antique telephone.

Tentacle - pearl on pearl

I wonder with this one if the tone-on-tone is too subtle and the tentacles get lost?  I still like it though! (Oh, and this one didn’t work well on the white coral, so a stuffed animal meerkat wore it instead!)

More to come later!

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