Tentacles abound pt. 2

Tentacle - red, black, and copper

So in the post ‘Tentacles abound‘ I showed off a few of the tentacle pendants that I made the other day – but not all of them.  I figured that I would show off the remainder as well in a second post.

With all of these I started out with a ‘rope’ of clay, tapered at both ends.  I curled the rope into shape, and then made a whole bunch of tiny balls in various sizes, and added them to the rope with a toothpick. I pushed the toothpick in past the depth of the tiny ball to better meld the two pieces of clay together, and then flattened the balls with the thicker end of the toothpick.  In some areas I needed to uncurl the rope to get the little suckers into the curled places, then I’d re-curl the rope.  I then baked the clay in the oven.

Small black and silver twisting tentacle

This is the smaller of the two twisted tentacles – using the black clay that I didn’t really like working with – the small balls that became the suckers started to crumble, and didn’t form as smoothly.  The finished result is ok, but not as good as I think it would have been with a better clay.

Large black and silver twisting tentacle

This twisted tentacle worked out a lot better – it’s larger for starters, using the pearl clay, then painted black and the suckers brushed with silver.

Copper and black tentacle

I thought that the ‘question mark’ shape was pretty successful in the red and pearl, so I did another, this time painted in black with copper suckers.  On some of the tentacles there is one row of suckers, but on others there’s two – I think that I like the two rows of suckers design better actually.

All three together

I don’t think that my versions are as good as my inspiration, but I’m still pretty pleased with them!


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