More steampunk music (sort of)

Alkaline Trio – Help Me – Well, my friend who really likes Kat Von D might like this video, (or maybe just the fact that she’s in it) but I’ve got to say that I don’t.  I can’t distinctly put my finger on it, but the music seems utterly forgettable, and too pop-ish for me.  The visuals are ok, but don’t seem remarkable in terms of their quality (Yes, I’ll forgive that this is “only” a music video, but I donno, I have come to expect a bit more I suppose.) and the plot line… hmmm well let’s just say that the “clever man with lots of cool tools saves helpless female who’s only positive characteristics appears to be a pleasant appearance from another clever man with lots of cool tools” irks me.  I like the allusion to the “girl tied to the railway tracks” storyline, but I’d rather see this turned on it’s head… otherwise it kind of seems tired and old, and by tired and old – I mean sexist and frustrating.   But… well.. there are goggles.  And Steam Engines. And an airship.  And a jet pack.  And there’s lots of brown.  It’s like the creative director said “um… how about… *flip through google images* uh… steampunk?”  and then made up a steampunk checklist, and then filled it.

But your mileage may vary – I thought that I would share the video in case someone else found it interesting.

Unfortunately the video would not embed - so heres a screenshot - click to be taken to the video

So next up – The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At the Disco.  This one is considerably better, though obviously the music isn’t steampunk, but the visuals are pretty good IMO (other than the large cogs on the wall which is weird).  The fashions are reasonably diverse, and seemingly appropriate as well (vs just a “lets do steampunk for the sake of doing steampunk”) since the whole thing is set in a quasi-Victorian funeral.  I kind of like the “rules” throughout dictating mourning rituals, and there’s a bit of a storyline (though shallow and kind of strange.. )  Oh… and there’s a net-gun.

Another one that wouldnt embed - so heres another screenshot, with a link to the video itself.

Next up, Frenchy and the Punk.  This one actually seems to be successfully linking up, which makes me think that Vevo was the problem with the previous two videos.  Note to video producers – if you want people to share your music with their friends and create fans – make it easy for them.. stop tying their hands by using Vevo!  (I’ve consistently had problems linking to Vevo videos…).  Ok.. back on track – Frenchy and the Punk.  The only reason I heard about this band is because they’re on the bill for the World Steam Expo in May 2011 – I’m not going (too short notice just for the tip of the iceberg on that one) but I thought that I would check out the music,  since they’re the only artist (from what I could see) that I hadn’t heard of yet. First off, the video seems pretty low-quality, but considering they’re independent artists, that isn’t bad.  The music (I listened to a few of the videos on their YouTube channel) didn’t really appeal to me on first listen.  Very gypsy-pop, which is interesting, but just not what I’m in the mood for right now.  I could see having them on during an event though, and I could imagine that it might grow on me… the singer’s voice vaguely reminds me of Souixsie Souix actually which is interesting…

And finally (for today) Dorian Gray.  Does anyone remember this actually coming out in theatres?  I sure don’t – though it’s entirely possible that it was a limited release, straight to video, or only was in the theatres for a week or so before being bumped by something more interesting and popular.  A friend on Facebook mentioned it – and it was only a few weeks ago I was trying to watch the old black and white “Portrait of Dorian Gray” on tv, but just couldn’t get into it – so this might be worth an iTunes download.  The video quality here isn’t great, but at least it gives an idea, and there are a few other clips loaded up to youTube if you’re interested.



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