Etsy cameos

On Friday, one of my three most recent Etsy orders came in, and between everything else, I wanted to take some photos, and put a few together. The package included 5 frames/settings for the cameos (three black, one grey, one pink) three of the ivory Victorian skeleton cameos, two grey octopi, and two ivory octopi.

April Etsy order #1

I had hoped that the grey octopus would match the grey frame, but no such luck.  However, the pink frame is a good match to one of the previously purchased pink cameos, so that went together.  I also framed the ivory skeleton and another pink skeleton in black frames/settings.

I made up these three into pins on the evening of April 17th, 2011

Pretty cute, right?  Well here’s a shot of me wearing one of them today – I had intended to wear it at the neckline of a V-neck dress, but the V is a bit too low cut on this dress, and I thought the pin would draw too much attention to my cleavage at work!

taken at work on April 18, 2011

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the orders coming in – and a chance to get to the bead store in Northland Village Shops to pick up some flat-backed bails, because I am all out!

One comment on “Etsy cameos

  1. […] are another thing I ❤ – traditional or the updated skeleton/octopus/bat ones that I’ve acquired and worked with recently.  I had this cameo pendant (from Michael’s) […]

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