Sultan’s Tent – steampunk inspiration

So, first up – inspiration on the steampunk belly dance front…

Hands of Kali

From the Hands of Kali website – I don’t know what the intention of this costume was, but to me it has a lot of steampunk elements, mixed liberally with a bit of goth as well.  Steamy- the red and brown striped fabric, the short bustle with the great black ruffle.  Goth – the fishnet, the grommets and lacing, the dreads… It would be interesting to see this one from the front as well.

Deshret Dance Co

The Deshret Dance Company performed at the Carnivale Mechanique, (as per the original link I found on MakerFaire) as part of a performance of steampunk art and culture.  While the costumes themselves are beautiful, I’m not seeing a lot of elements that really scream steampunk though – other than perhaps the colour palate – though I suspect a lot of that has to do with photo editing.  Perhaps if the shot was on an individual costume I could appreciate more of the detail though?

Belly Dance Blog

Now THIS is beautiful – ok, part of it is just that the model is fantastically lovely, but I love the fresh, light, and feminine feel that this displays along with the steampunk elements.  This I found at the Belly Dance Blog – this thread was all about steampunk.   The collar is awesome (though I couldn’t wear it – I hate having things that close to my throat most of the time) the gauntlets/gloves are great too, the bra is all frilly and girly like the hip belt, which has a cameo-like buckle, drapes of pearls, and ribbons. I really like the soft colour palate…  The mini top hat, parasol, and hair sticks are great in this outfit too.

The Blight - Serpentine

From the Blight – check out these beautiful dancers – the group is called Serpentine and they’re from Oregon.  First off, check out the feathered gauntlets – I think that they really make the outfit.  The monochromatic scheme is interesting as well, and it has a vaguely gothic/tribal steampunk feel.  The headpieces look like bird skulls too, but I don’t think that they are…

Next up – gothic and fetish-y inspired belly dance inspiration!


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