Sultan’s Tent – Gothic inspiration

Then, the more goth/fetish side of things

Hands of Kali

Hands of Kali

From the Hands of Kali website, I love the PVC front skirt, the bracers, and I adore the Victorian-style bustle at the back.. awesome.  The studs, the Thai fingers, wacky headpieces, lots of adornment, tassels, grommets, lacing, etc -it’s a buffet of different ideas and styles all wrapped up together.

This video has a lot of amazing ideas (not to mention fantastic dancers) full of goth, industrial, “tribal” and vampiric belly dance costumes. As an aside, I also adore the white linen “classical Egyptian” style costumes too.  My only problem with the video – too much to look at! Another kudo though – that the group dances really look good together – rehearsed and working TOGETHER – versus the all-too-common competition-style group dances.

From Infogirls blog

With the above image, I’m not sure what the image has to do with the blog it’s hosted in – I have the sneaking feeling that the writer loves photography, and includes a photo with every post for interest… but the post doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the photo.  Never-you-mind though – what a gorgeous photo!  If you click the photo you’ll be taken to the blog, where there’s another photo from the same dance.  Blog review aside, and back to the costume….  I love the face paint, the fishnet, the colour scheme, the tassel belts..  none of which should be surprising, because my existing costume has all of these elements!

Synaris belly dance costume

I can’t say that this is what I want to do – but how AWESOME is this belly dancing costume?  Ok, the accessories really make it, but just the idea of using plaid is just awesome.  This is done by an Etsy artist called Synari, and she has a bunch of other pictures of custom costumes she can make.

Next up – historically-inspired belly dance inspiration that is more covered-up.


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