Sultan’s Tent – historical inspiration

More historical/covered up

from Tribe - Kathleen Crowley

from Tribe - Kathleen Crowley

This image I found in a number of places, but this appears to be the original source on  It’s attributed to Kathleen Crowley, and is described as “Silk shantung ghawazee coat layered over cotton voile”, the silk shantung is the blue/green coat/dress, and the voile is presumably either an underdress, or describes the paisley-printed sleeve falls or the black underskirt (or both).  I do have one (or two?) ghawazee coats (sleeveless though) but I don’t know if they fit right now.  However this could also be accomplished by wearing a normal black dress- since it’s not really as though anyone there will know the difference… LOL

Part of what makes this successful though, is the limited colour palate, and with the brass beads/bells, it’s also vaguely steampunk too dontchathink?

Velvet Peacock Designs

I don’t think that I want to do anything like this – but it is rather inspirational isn’t it?  The colours are amazing, and I think it’s the fact that they DON’T really work together that gives this costume it’s energy.  I don’t think that I like the laced-up front (it would really only be flattering on the nicest of figures in my opinion) but I do like the elements of laced-up things.  I like the split sleeves a lot as well, and the use of trim/contrasting fabric.

Another from Velvet Peacock Designs

Another image from Velvet Peacock Designs – I really enjoy this one – the more subdued colour scheme certainly work better for me, although I’m certainly not about to do anything in PURPLE…  I could totally see this in shades of steel blue, steel and grey perhaps, or my old stand-by of black and red.  I think that this closes in the front with decorative hooks and eyes, which isn’t my preference, but it would work just find with a zip as well, or even a zip with a false placket with hooks instead over top.  Hmmm though the only thing I ‘have’ of this outfit/design would be the skirt – I’d need to make the coin bra and the coat entirely, and it’s really unlikely that I’ll have the time for that.

Maralagnerians photo

Another beauty showing the same style. This one is from a different designer though (again, click the image to go to her page).  This one uses decorative cloak clasps as fastenings on both the front and the lower part of the sleeve.  I like the stripes and the contrast lining, (though again, the colours are probably a bit too varied for my personal taste).

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