Sultan’s Tent inspiration summary

Links of goodness for the belly dance costume elements

Hair and makeup

If I end up basically just re-using what I already have, and dont make anything new really, I thought it would be cool to do some interesting hair or makeup.

Hands of Kali

From the Hands of Kali site, I liked this portrait, the gold eyeshadow, the jewels on the brow and forehead, and the flower with the sequins and feather.  The messy buns certainly contribute to the overall look, but I’m not sure if that’s something I’d want to recreate…

Hands of Kali

The headband on this portrait (also from the Hands of Kali site) is also really great – there’s a lot of detail – a lot happening on this one, and yet pretty simple too.  There’s the headband, the flower, the dangling adornment, and then the beaded braids.  The make up is a lot more simple, with just the forehead jewel.

The nice thing about both of these- they both keep the hair off the face – something that always bugs me when I’m dressed up.  (Having my hair in my face..)



One thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of these ideas sort of blur together in ways. The ‘tribal’ bellydance style blends very well with the more historic styles, the goth, and the steampunk styles.  Steampunk and goth blend pretty well too, and steampunk and historical too at that.  Something tells me that instead of helping me narrow down my idea, all of this ‘research’ has actually made the focusing even harder – but, has also made me much more interested in using what I already have, simply due to the lack of time!

I really have TOO many ideas, and this hasn’t helped much focus on what I really want to do….


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