The Sultan’s Tent

March 22, 2011

So, here’s another post that I’m writing long before it will be published – due to another surprise party!

So the next dress up party will be a Moroccan Theme, extrapolated to ‘The Sultan’s Tent‘.  There are a few different things happening for the birthday, some of which I might attend, others not so much… but, all in all, it will likely include a costume for the theme party.

So it’s about 3 weeks away, which means I certainly wont be making much that is new, but perhaps re-use some of my existing costumes and mix them up a little bit – perhaps adding a new piece or two to refresh things.  I’ll use this post over the next few days to hold some of the ideas and inspiration, just like I did with the Winter Wonderland planning posts.


Timing is everything, and I was wandering around, and found this photo from the model Kato’s website.  There is a whole set of photos that are vaguely harem-like, sort of belly-dancer-meets-steampunk in feel, which I found lovely.  (Just as an aside – Kato is the designer for Steampunk Couture, and she’s been mentioning a new collection.  Some of the photo are similar to photos she’s posted of her new digs in Oregon, which makes me wonder if some of the harem-esque pieces are from the upcoming (and as-of-yet unreleased) collection.) (n.b. April 18- Kato has been releasing photos of the new collection, and no – these are actually from a modeling job)

So, from this inspiration piece (as always, click the images to see them in their original format) I selected it mostly because of the flowers/feathers in the headpiece.   I like the tribal belly dance feeling that comes with this.  Of course, coming right off making the two recent tiaras, (one in the style of the Shape of Clouds and the other in the style of Twiggy Wire) this might not be surprising.

So, my thoughts wander in three directions for this one.  My existing gear includes SCA costumes suitable for “Turkish” inspired personas – some historically accurate (or there abouts!) and others more Ren. Faire styled.   Most of them are really covered up, and I have a lot of accessories (belts and things) that go with the outfits in an SCA context, but don’t actually match 🙂   Secondly, I have my goth belly dance costume from a Sultan’s Tent adult party I helped throw a number of years ago.  All of it is coordinated, but it’s a lot of exposure, and with the way I’ve been feeling lately, it might be more exposure than I can really handle right now.  Then, t here’s also the more steampunk aspect that I’d also be interested in pursuing.  Several of the costume ideas I have would work well to translate to this, so it wouldn’t be a waste or a one-of, thought it might involve having to make more than with the other two ideas…

3 comments on “The Sultan’s Tent

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