Retail therapy

So, I popped into Michael’s the other day, to discover they have a few (fantastic) new jewelry lines.  One is very much like ‘pearls and pumps’ and is called C’est La Vie .  It’s vaguely Victorian-inspired, with a serious French / Parisian twist – with lots of cameos and rhinestones and floral elements.  Another, is very military/steampunk influenced; with medallions, propellers, and loads and loads of lockets.  It’s called Standard Issue and it must be so new that it isn’t even up on their website yet for linking goodness. It reminded me a bit of the Madame Delphine’s collection…  Oh, and did I mention, it turned out to be a sale day – all of the new jewelry items were 40% off, and the old stuff was all 50% off.  Weee!

So, here are some of the goodies… and my general intentions..

Military styling from the new line at Micheals

Military-style medals.  Back in the day I had this general idea for a re-worked military-type costume in the style of the old RCMP uniforms.  This is where I saw these, but I can also see them working in a steampunk context, if I go with something vaguely military-inspired.  The Dr. Steel fan site “Toy Soldiers Unite” has some cool costume ideas just for starters….


Wings from the military-style line at Micheals

“With Wings” – I’m going to try to see if I can remove the pendant loops and make the first one into a pin with some good epoxy and a pinback.  Of course this is hot on the heels of my finally finding a ‘with wings’ base, which I molded and duplicated in polymer clay but I’m sure I can still put it to good use!  For the second, it came in a collection of three and I kept going back and forth between the two cards – but then remembered the military medal I’ve been wanting to make, and I ended up grabbing them both.  I’ve used one of the small ones from the card for that already.  The rest… hmmm, not sure yet!

More wings

non functional 😦 compass - still cool though.

Compass.  I’ve been thinking about a real one for a cool steampunk necklace, but have yet to pick one up.  This isn’t functional (boo) but should sate my desires at least for the time being.  I think this will likely just be a pendant. That’s basically what I was going to do with a functional one.  (Though with this I’ll likely remove the heart, pearls, and patron saint charms hanging from the bottom.)


medallion with portrait and crow

Medal-like pendant with a portrait and a crown. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with this – only that when I saw it, I grabbed it right away.  I just thought it was so cool right off the bat.  I hate picking up things when I really have NO idea what I’m going to use them for, but oh well.. I also hate being drawn to something, setting it aside, later being inspired, and then finding I missed out.  Booo.

Cool twisty chain (no photo).  This has already been put to use on my Sultan’s Tent headpiece though it is removable, should I find the desire to make something different with it in time.  It’s pretty heavy on the headpiece – I originally was looking for some copper-tone chain, but no luck for some reason. I probably wasn’t looking hard enough – and certainly could have headed back to a different store where I bought the chain for my mini-pocketwatch – but there’s never time for that kind of thing – plus it’s on the other side of the city!

Flowers from two of the new lines

Flowers galore! The white flower with the white stone in the middle is from one collection, while the pink, black, and threesome of pink, white and black flowers are all from the other collection.  I also got two black floral bibs, and a five-flower ‘ribbon’ in pink.  When I picked up the bibs, I was really thinking of cool, wacky shoulder-pad type things, though I also really want to make something that will actually work as a bib necklace.  I’m thinking I need to check out other Michael’s stores and see if I can pick up a third.  The ribbon I think I might cut apart and do something else with, but we’ll see.  There was some other ruffle ribbon stuff in the same colours that I adored, but I ended up putting it back because I just couldn’t think of ANYTHING to do with it.  😦  The flowers will likely go to hair accessories/pins, and maybe even go onto a necklace at some point. In the clearance section there were also some pastel resin flowers which I picked up only to incorporate into any designs with these.

More to come soon….


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