Retail therapy redux

I wanted to divide this up, just because of the number of photographs I’m including – here is part two of my retail therapy post!

Silver Butterfly

I picked up this pretty silver butterfly and a red glittery bird, both destined to go into the millinery stash I presume… The butterfly already has a small clip on it, but it’s a bit too small and awkward to use directly in the hair, and I think it will need to be mounted in order to be worn.  We’ll see!  FYI, the butterflies come in a few different colours – all very bright except this silver one.

Cameo in purple from the Cest la vie line

Purple cameo– this will likely become a pin, it’s pretty much good to go on it’s own.  I keep picking up purple pieces though, which bugs me a bit. I’m not a ‘purple person’, but I keep getting more and more it seems, just because it seems to be a popular colour and easily available.  There was another cameo as well, but I didn’t like it nearly as much, purple or not.  I remember a long time ago I was hunting all over the place for cameos for my Victorian silver gown  (for the P3Gatherings formal protocol dinner) and I couldn’t find anything COOL.  I could find a few plastic bits with the coral-coloured back and the fake gold frame, but nothing interesting.  I ended up paying probably too much to finally get a simple black and white one – and in the last few months I’ve picked up probably half a dozen, and could have picked up another dozen if I wanted.  My biggest problem with most cameos though – pointy chins… They always look goofy to me, and I keep wanting to file them down or something!

Items from the Lost and Found line were also on sale. I love the beads for rosary-style necklaces, and the birds are cute.

Set of three birds and some rosary-style beads.  I used a bunch of these beads in my Victorian/Tudor necklace, and I thought that it would be useful get some more for future projects – nothing specific in mind, only that it’s much easier to create with these rather than making my own with eye pins and jewelry pliers. I ordered a brass bird very much like this one, albeit larger I believe, and so I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with two (plus the two small ones) but I think I’ll perhaps do something rockabilly-inspired – and the small ones could probably move into a craft project of their own.

Tiny bottles of glitter!

In the $1.50 bin (which I always check out, and often find very cool things in – like those mini bird cages and loads of thank-you/note cards) I found these tiny vials of glitter.  Ok, I rarely need glitter (though I did pick them up in a variety of colours) but I adore these little vials!  The funny part, is that to order the vials with the cork stoppers, they’re about $3.00 each…. so this is actually a pretty good deal.  Now just to find out what I can do with all the darn glitter.  (Purple, pink, blue, red – does anyone have any ideas?)


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