Sultan’s Tent Headpiece

Written April 8 – edited and published later.

So, from the Sultan’s Tent post, I figured that one of the things I’d like to make for this event is a headpiece, likely because I was inspired by the headpieces I made for the Winter Wonderland event.

This started out with three different ‘silk’ hydrangea flowers from Michael’s (50% off) in brown, red, and off-white.  I also ended up picking up a black one, but didn’t end up using it.  Before I started picking them apart, I REALLY like the combination of these colours!

I picked off a few of the flowers, using more brown than red or off-white, because I wanted this to be primarily brown, for that steampunk vibe.  I wanted red in it as well though to coordinate better with the costume I will be pulling together.  Hmm yeah, the party is tomorrow.  I am quickly running out of time to pull things together!

I cut out a base from black felt, and with a hot glue gun, added flower petals.  Then I cut out some fantastic glittery ribbon (in black, red, and copper/brown), and used them as ‘streamers’ to dangle down, then some brown satin ribbon as well.  I added another felt piece for the back along with two hair clips (one to hold the weight of the piece, and the other to hold it in place).

I glued additional pieces of the glitter ribbon into the piece to cover up blank spots and add some shimmer, and then hand-stitched on some cool twisty chain to dangle from it along with the ribbon streamers.

I had really wanted to add some copper chain like the chain I used in another project – but I didn’t have the time to get to the store where I had bought it, and didn’t see anything I liked at Michael’s – except for this cool twisty beaded chain-type-item, so I bought two pieces, linked them together, and hand-stitched that in.  (I thought I might re-use it later, since it was somewhat heavy, and this will very possibly by a one-time-only headpiece).

Forgive the messy hair, this was taken at the end of the night.

I really liked the way that this turned out – with a few caveats.

  1. I glued one hair clip in, and the other one didn’t get glued in, but rather slid in.  This was a happy accident, because it made securing the second clip much, much easier.
  2. Overall, I worried once I wore it that the brown flowers matched my hair a little too much, and they didn’t stand out.  This likely wont be an issue at another time, since it’s unlikely I’ll keep the same hair colour for long!
  3. The glittery ribbons seemed to catch on everything, including my hair.  Although I love the look of them, it’s unlikely I’d use them again for a wearable project.

Full length of the piece and the streamers

Above is a shot of the full headpiece (ignore the red sheer ribbon that it’s hanging from) including the twisty copper “chain”.

Flowers in the piece

Above is a close up of the flowers.

One comment on “Sultan’s Tent Headpiece

  1. […] the only new thing… the new headpiece. Originally I wore a coin belt over my head, but at least I had something new for this time […]

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