Making duplicates

I really like some of the resin/brass things I purchased recently, and I got thinking about using them in ways that might not work wonderfully with those materials – or simply I just don’t want to have to buy so many and have them shipped here like the originals.

So, I started thinking about molding material – both making molds of the originals and then casting them with different mediums.

Mold, original, polymer and resin copies.

I started off with the molding material – it’s a two-part chemical which is sort of a putty.  I found that I had to work really fast – it sets up quickly.  I also found that I needed a large enough ball of putty – too thin and it didn’t seem to work as well.  I tried the octopus twice, my wings from the Military Medal twice, and then a cameo and some gears which didn’t turn out very well either.  However, there were some successful molds, and from them I made a few things just to start off.

In the picture above, the copper necklace is the original, obviously the purple circle is the mold itself, the white is a resin casting, and the gold and silver are both polymer clay castings that have been painted and sealed.  The castings don’t have quite as much detail as the original, but I still think they’re pretty good duplicates!  The resin didn’t set up as quickly as I thought it would (I’ve added a white pigment to it btw, it hasn’t been painted yet) but next time I do it I’ll either mix up less, or have more molds – because I ended up using the molds I had, and then trying to quickly make some more to use up the rest of the resin.  FYI, the molds need to be really dry before pouring in the resin.  Oops!

Now, just to put these things to good and crafty use!


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