More goodies from Etsy

mini brass divers helmet

A week or so ago, the remainder of the Etsy orders I placed came in, and I thought that I’d share some of the goodies.

The first item is a really super cute miniature divers helmet in antiqued brass.  I think this is absolutely adorable, and can’t wait to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with it.  (!)

Skull cameos and small settings

From a different seller, I purchased a few small settings for the cameos, along with the skull and crossbones cameos.  I keep going back and forth on the cameos – if I like them or not, but they actually look much nicer in person than in the photo.  They were kind of hard to photograph actually.  The small frames are significantly smaller than the other ones I got in a previous order, and I like that they make for a much smaller, but still ‘finished’ product, but they don’t actually seem to FIT as well.  They have four holes on the back for rivets, but I just ended up using glue to attach the pin backs that I ended up using.

Brass lovelies

Along with the diver’s helmet, I also got a lovely Egyptian scarab, a cute rockabilly-styled bird, and a telescope that actually collapses.  It’s adorable.  And, again, no idea what I’ll do with it! I have a strong suspicion that the bird will go into a fascinator, though it kind of bugs me that I just bought one that is similar (albeit in my more preferred silver-tone) from the craft store.

Bats and cameos

Finally, I also got a new tan octopus cameo and bat cameo, along with an antiqued brass pendant setting.  Plus… three brass bats.  How fantastic are these?  Before I saw them in person, I didn’t realize that the small brass bat is exactly the same as the cameo!  The setting is actually much more brown than I anticipated, I had hoped for something more tarnished-brass looking, rather than so smooth and perfect…  Still, it will work well for what I’ve subsequently used it for! Want to see some final products?

finished cameos

Super cute!  With so many new pins though, I’m definitely going to have to work out a better way of storing/displaying them to make them easier to wear on a regular basis.  I also am going to see about getting some flat-back bails, to make pendants from the remaining cameos I have yet to set.

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