Upcoming Steampunk meets

Steampunk Picnic by Anna Fischer

Is anyone out there that I know interested in hitting a few of the upcoming Steampunk events with me?

First up is the Meet and Greet on May 3rd.  I’ve been meaning to go for a while, but they just keep happening on days when I have other plans, or (mostly this winter) on days when it’s too darn cold to think about facing the bus rides to get to the location.

Gears & Beers is on May 28, and unfortunately I already have other plans for that date, so I’m not attending, but then there’s an upcoming Steampunk Picnic on June 11th that I think would be fantastic – plus an opportunity for me to bring out my lace parasol!  I hardly ever have a chance to bring it out…

July 9th is a group trip to Drumheller, Tyrell Museum and the Badlands with the Facebook Steampunk group.  I’m especially interested in this, but of course the major problem is a lack of transportation.  I’ve been meaning to go to Drumheller to shoot photos for a while, and wouldn’t it be all the cooler with a bunch of Steampunks in costume?

Anyways.. I’ve noticed that little by little a number of my friends have developed interest in Steampunk as well, and I thought that I’d put this out there – asking if anyone is interested in accompanying me!


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