Rustic Luxury completed

completed hooded dress

So I started off with the idea of a green velvet hooded cowl dress, (from my Rustic Luxury post) and I just wanted to post the finished version.

Original sketch of the "Rustic Luxury/Winter Wonderland" dress

I did actually finish this on time (hurrah!) but it took me a while to get this post up with photos.  Overall I was very happy with the finished product.  I had to adjust the pattern slightly to accommodate the hood with the cowl; adding a seam between the cowl and it’s self-facing, but the result was good.  I don’t know that I would do another one like this, however I think I would love to do a hooded jacket/topper/etc out of this fabric.  I did a wide facing for the hood in the same fabric (so it has a lovely deep turn-back) but then I lined the remainder of the super deep hood with a black knit lining fabric.

Before cutting out the green velvet, I tried out the cowl neck part of the dress in a super-soft grey knit as my ‘muslin’ to start, which helped significantly since I had to raise the empire waist a lot from my original draft.  I’m hoping that with some tweaking I’ll be able to wear the grey ‘muslin’ as a top at some point too.  (I usually try to make my muslins out of something wearable if I have the option, just to extend the wearability, and reduce the waste.)

The armholes have self-binding with the green velvet, and I used a blind hem stitch on the hem to keep it pretty invisible (since in the velvet a stitching line would show up plainly.  I’ve included the original sketch of the idea for the gown.  I just wanted to scratch down the details so I could see how it could work together, rather than just visualizing elements in my head.  I ended up putting an empire waistline into the pattern (largely to make the cowl be more fabric-efficient), and moved the hood forward slightly to better fit with the cowl neckline.


Close up photo of the hood on my dressform and headform

Since I’m usually the one behind the camera instead of in front of it, I needed to get photos of the finished garment on my dressform instead of me.  Just a note, my dressform is vintage, and WAY smaller than I am, thus it’s not exactly the best fit.  The cowl isn’t nearly as low on me as it is on the dressform.  Likewise, my dressform doesn’t have a head (of course!) so I put one of my styrofoam heads on top to hold up the hood.  It’s a little out-of-proportion, but it should give you an idea of the finished garment. 

Full length (almost) photo of the finished dress.



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