Vintage Military

In going through some of my grandmother’s things (in preparation for her move to a senior’s home) I’ve had the fortune to go through her many trinkets and collections.  My eyes are peeled for vintage jewelry, baubles to re-source, and other goodies.  One of the things that I hadn’t counted on was military paraphernalia.

My grandfather (who died when I was an infant) brought my grandmother to Canada as a ‘war bride’ – he served in the Canadian Forces, though I really don’t remember any of the details.  Her brother also served and perished in the war.  It was interesting to see his medals, though I never heard much about him.   Even decades later, some things are still painful I suppose.

RAC Cap Badge

So one of the new items I’ve inherited is a cap badge from the Royal Canadian Artillery.  Funny enough, in my online research, it looks like the same (or similar) badge is used for Australian, New Zealand and British Artillery forces.  I thought perhaps that the crowns would be different or something, because that seems kind of odd to me.

Image from Michael Reintjes on the Canadian Military Collector's forum

Another odd thing – this badge was worn in the second world war, but also is in current use.  After looking at RCMP badges and crests before – they seemed to go in and out of use – so I figured that these would have expired after a while, but I guess not.

Mind you, on both of these, I don’t claim to have the best eye for detail!  There could certainly be differences between what I have, and the reference photos I’ve seen online!

Either way, it’s an interesting addition to my box of military badges, crests, buttons, and other things.  I have the notion of encorporating some of them (at some point) into a military-inspired steampunk costume, but I’ll admit I haven’t put too much thought into that yet.  Since most of them are pins (etc) none of them need to be permanently attached into a costume, and since the costume will be pure fantasy, I don’t think that anyone will ever think that they’re being used in any official way.  (Although it’s illigal to wear an exact copy of a current police uniform here in Canada, (e.i.: impersonating an officer) I don’t know what the rules are for military, RCMP, etc.)

What do you think?  Do you think it’s strange to encorporate vintage miltary items into a fantasy costume?  Comment below!

2 comments on “Vintage Military

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Dawn, thank you for putting up your Grandfathers cap badge, i have one too, however my Gfather served in WW2 and my GGfather in WW1, i do not know who it belongs to. Would be grateful to know what war he served in. Many thanks Mark

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