Sewing room makeover (pt II)

So, as a continuation from the sewing & laundry room makeover post, I have a few more links to share; hopefully things that will inspire us as we head towards another renovation.

Home Made Couture's cutting table

One of the things we’ll be needing is a good cutting table.  Right now I use the deep freeze, which we’ll be getting rid of, so an alternative is manditory.  From the Home Made Couture blog, this IKEA table was featured as a possible alternative.  The two side panels fold down, to make a table that is much, much smaller than the cutting surface it offers.  My only concern, is that it’s highly likely that once we set up a table, it WON’T get closed down/moved/etc whatsoever, or that anything that requires having to clear out space before I can set it up might just become more of a pain than having something permanently in place.  Still, this is a pretty cute solution for a small space!

Show and Tell's Laundry Room

Endless Crafting has a mini-file (much like these posts!) of great ideas from different places online, as the writer daydreams about a future dedicated sewing/crafting room.  From her posts, I was directed to Saucy Sprinkles’ laundry room, and then I found the blog Show and Tell – where the writer shows off her new laundry room – complete with under-the-washer and dryer storage.  What an awesome idea, and what a great way to lift up the dryer so that it’s less of a hassle to get into!  The writer has laundry baskets under the washer and dryer for whites, darks, and colours, but I could also see these being baskets of works-in-progress for a sewing project, bundles of yarn, or anything else lightweight and not-often used.  I also LOVE the under-the-shelf clothes hanger pole – while it doesn’t give enough room to hang dresses for instance, it would still be a great place to hang tops or unmentionables – since I usually hang to dry most of my clothing, and would really like to have a lot of hanging room in the new laundry/sewing room too!

I think that’s about it for now… hopefully we’ll figure out what we want and what we need, and be able to make some choices!


3 comments on “Sewing room makeover (pt II)

  1. Debbie says:

    I really like the cutting table idea. How is it for height? I don’t want to bend over more than I have too. But, this is cute and perfect for a small room.

    • Dawn says:

      I’m not sure actually… I haven’t found the right table yet. I agree though, the right height is vital for cutting, pinning, etc.

    • Dawn says:

      I got to Ikea the other day and they still have it in stock (in the kitchen area) but unfortunately it is too low for a cutting table for me at least…

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