Felt scarf

Felt scarf

Connie and I were at the Calyx art show a few weeks ago, and I picked up a gorgeous teal blue wool felted scarf.  The artist who made it is named Barb Harrison, (under the B.E.H Designs label) and it’s made of alpaca wool, which she felted, and did resist dying and shaping on.  We first saw this one and adored it, and then I found another which was grey/green and copper, with what looked like pennies growing out if it, and I was torn.  With Connie’s help, I decided on this one (though I still loved the other one too!) since my budget certainly couldn’t afford picking up both! (I did a quick search online, hoping to find a website with her work, but no luck so far – if you happen to know a URL for her, please share in the comments below!)

More accurate representation of the colour

While I was trying to decide between the two scarves, Barb was sharing with us a bit of information.  The alpaca wool doesn’t felt as readily as the merino (which is what the other one was made of) so the edges have this beautiful ‘hairy’ feeling, with soft rough edges.  She also shared with us how she made the scarf – first felting the basis of the scarf itself, and dying it the first, lightest colour of teal.  Then she added in different sizes of beads, tying them off, and doing the second dye.  Then she covered some of the beads with saran wrap as a further resist, and dyed the last, deepest colour.  Then all the ties and beads were removed, leaving the finished scarf!

The overall effect of the ‘bubbles’ is frothy, and reminded both Connie and I of the ocean.  It’s also given me the desire to give felting another go on my own!  (More to come on that one!)

Did you attend the Calyx art show?  What did you think?  Respond in the comments below!

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