Steampunk buttons

Huge gear/cog buttons, one in silver-tone, one in brass-tone

One of my must-visit shops in Vancouver, BC is Button Button.  First off, it’s a seriously cool little shop, and makes me ooh and ahh over all of the pretties on a regular basis.  Secondly, it’s around the corner from Dressew.  I remember when they were nearby, and when I went back there, they were gone!  I was upset, but then on a subsequent visit, found them again – hurrah!  This time when I was in Vancouver, I made a point of stopping in, and picked up some gorgeous steampunk-inspired and gothic buttons while I was there, along with a few other goodies…

First up – the top image is of two show-stopper buttons – these are HUGE – and if they don’t just become a pin/broach on their own, they likely will find a place as the single button on a caplet or somewhere else where they can be a focal point.  They’re about 2.5″ in diameter (I’m guessing.. I don’t have them handy as I write) and gorgeous…

More cogs from Button Button

Next up are three more, smaller cog/gear buttons – in silver-tone as well.  They only had three, or I would have bought five for a set… these are still pretty large though, so likely will be on something like a coat etc…

SkullGear... rawr!

My next find – this awesome skull on a gear… LOL.. it’s so funny!  I only got one, because I thought it might work well with the other three – it’s the same type of button, same shape, colour, and details… apart from the awesome skull (and I do love skulls….)

More skulls from Button Button

Yep, I do love skulls… four red and silver-tone enamel skull buttons – they had them in purple and black as well… but I love red!

Fly on my window sill

Yes, I took this photo on my window sill because where else would you find a fly? This one is so not steampunk really, but I think it will find a place in a floral hair clip/fascinator.  It is TINY – so tiny that I’m actually a bit concerned that I might lose it if I don’t find a home for it soon!

I also bought a huge wooden button, which I hope to use for casting – we’ll see how that turns out (or if I even get to that point…) in the future.   Here’s a shot of all of the buttons from Button Button below.

so many beautiful buttons!

So, after Button Button, I had to hit Dresssew.  I can’t go to Vancouver and NOT go here (or so it seems…) More on that later!

If you want to check out Button Button (and how could you not?) you can find the shop at:

318 Homer Street, mezzanine
Vancouver, BC V6B 2V2
(604) 687-0067

If you’re just shopping vicariously check out Words and Pictures – the author has some exterior photos of the shop and a bit more information as well.  For lovely photos you can also check out the Collette Patterns blog – I really need to start to remember to take more photos like these while I’m out and about, instead of being all shy and doing quick iPhone snaps!

Do you find buttons can inspire an entire garment?  If I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do with these (ahem), what would you make with some of these buttons?  Let me know in the comments below!


3 comments on “Steampunk buttons

  1. Steve Blom says:

    Hi Dawn
    Your blog came up on my google alert for steampunk buttons.
    I make the buttons you bought at Button Button. Button Button is one of my best customers, I’m so glad you found her and that you like our buttons. Thanks for the great review.

  2. Dawn says:

    Awesome! I took a look at your website, and there are some gorgeous things there! Hmm now I know where to go if three of the smaller cog/gear buttons isn’t enough for whatever I decide to make with them!

  3. […] ago I was talking about Button Button, a cool button shop in Vancouver where I picked up some great steampunk buttons and some cool gothic buttons as well.  I thought that I would share with you some additional photos […]

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