Even more buttons!

So yesterday I blogged about the steampunk buttons I picked up from Button Button… well today I’m going to share with you the buttons I got while at Dressew.

First up, let’s talk a bit about Dressew…. if you’ve been there before you can skip this, but if you haven’t, and might someday.. read on.  First off, there are a lot of not-very-positive reviews about Dressew on Yelp.ca, and I hate to say, but I think that most of them are pretty accurate.  But – I would temper that with the idea that you don’t expect the same kind of quality (service or product) at a garage sale, as you would at the Bay.  Think of Dressew like a giant garage sale for fabric and costuming supplies.  If you go in with those sort of expectations, you won’t be nearly so offended or confused as some people clearly have been.

Don’t ask the staff for yardage estimates, if this fabric would look good in this pattern, or if they happen to have fabric X in red as well… they likely won’t know.  I think that some of their staff actually sew, but I would guess most of them don’t.  Don’t go in looking for everything to be put away neatly and promptly – imagine that it’s a once-a-year sale day, and it’s 20 minutes before closing instead.

Have I scared you yet?  Don’t worry – there are plenty of GOOD reasons to go here too. Great cheap costuming supplies, more fun fur than you could ever imagine, loads of knits and fashion fabrics, aisles and aisles of trim, braid, and lace, every zipper style in every colour and length you can imagine, and really, really reasonable prices (compared to other fabric stores).   Shopping at Dressew is like shopping at a vintage store – you never know what you’re going to find – which means that you’ll find amazing things you hadn’t even thought of… but if you go in looking for something specific, you’ll likely be disappointed.

ok… On to the buttons!

Having just come from Button Button, my mind was tuned to Steampunk – and I found some reasonable approximations in Dressew too.

Cogs in silver -tone

When I saw these, I totally saw gears/cogs – don’t you?  These were in 20 and 22 mm and silver and brass.  They also had smaller ones, but only had one card left, and I couldn’t see the point of getting only TWO small buttons…  I picked up a few cards each of brass and silver-tone.


Oh… and the cost? 49cents a card… the regular price on these is about $2.50…. (true, I’d usually buy buttons at 50% off at my local fabric store, but that STILL isn’t 49cents a card!)

I also picked up some sunshine-y buttons too at Dressew… I had these in a project years ago and really liked them!


Want to visit Dressew yourself?  You can find the shop at:

337 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6
(604) 682-6196

Want to see a photo from the inside of the store?  Check out Rebecca’s post on Oh, Shoot!

So… I’ve got a similar question to end this post…. if you had the cog buttons above, and had no idea what to do with them… what would you be inspired to make?  Let me know in the comments below!


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