Knotty By Nature

Inside Knotty By Nature

Sorry for the terrible photo – this was a quick iPhone snap before I totally forgot to take a photo at all…
While in Victoria, I was in Gala Fabrics and happened to mention to the owner who was assisting me that I was interested in nuno felting and needle felting, and she suggested I head to Knotty By Nature.  I hadn’t even really thought about looking for wool batting, and hadn’t added this shop to my “want to visit” list, but since it was very close, we headed over a few blocks and checked it out.

I’ll admit, as a novice, I was a bit intimidated by all of the selection of various fibers (along with a selection of yarn and spinning supplies) but the gentleman working in the shop was understanding and helpful, and told me a bit about how the shop operates.  There were pre-bundled batts (I picked up one in shades of blue, another in blues, greens, purple, and black) and then there were braids of solid coloured wool batting as well – each is 2 ounces for 6$, and you can take as much or as little as you like!  There is also a bucket under the rack, with the leftovers, so if you only want 1 ounce of something, you can look there first.  In there I found a gorgeous blend of wool and angelina fibers (which bond to one another but nothing else with heat, and sparkle!).  I was tempted to get a grey as well, but I still have some grey left over from the nuno felting project – I think it will look great with the blues…

The shop also offers a community carder, as well as a range of really affordable classes.  Of course, since I’m not local to Victoria, I’m out of luck, but if you’re in the area (or are heading there) it might be worth checking out.  It reminded me of a smaller, more intimate version of our local Shuttleworks (or near-local… since it’s not actually in Calgary..)  If you ARE in Victoria though, check out BitchyBees – a knitting group in the area with a LiveJournal presence.

Now, just to make something up with all of this gorgeous wool!

Knotty By Nature

1816 Government Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4N5
(250) 412-7980

P.s. Yarn bombers – check out the photo of the bike that sits in front of the shop!

For the blogroll – Knotty by Nature has their own blog that looks interesting (I’m heading off in a minute, and will have to remember to head back there to read more later!) The Straight Male Knitter was blown away by the shop too, (and by the sounds of it, like me, a little intimidated by everything there), and the Fiber Sauvage comments on a class at Knotty By Nature.

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