Black velvet Victorian purse

So in the recent post “Elegant Steampunk – Victorian purse” I mentioned that I ended up making a second purse after the first one, because the first was so incredibly small.

Full completed purse

The most challenging thing about making my own (not from a kit) was finding the purse hardware.  I almost bought a ready-made change purse, just for the (incredibly plain) frame, before finding another frame in a craft store (in Abbotsford I think… but I don`t remember anymore).  This time bonus – it was silver-tone instead of gold-tone! Much nicer for my wardrobe!  Subsequently I`ve picked up a few other small purse frames as well,

I enlarged the original pattern, keeping the shape and size of the new purse frame in mind, and cut the fashion fabric for the purse out of black silk velvet.  The lining I cut out of silver taffeta.  The embellishment on the front of the purse is another printed portrait, then black chainette fringe, black rayon lace, and then topped off with deeply dyed (no more pastels!) rayon lace.  The top and bottom lace motifs were lace appliques, while the remainder were   just rayon lace trim by the meter, cut into appliques for the project due to the scale – not actually purchased as appliques.  I accented the lace with small dark beads – the kind that always remind me of an oil spill – the colours shift from green to black to purple.

The opening of the purse, along with some baubles I decorated it with.

The frame was a sew-on type, so after finishing the purse and the lining, I sewed the frame onto the purse, and then found very narrow black gimp braid (It`s hard to find the narrow version!) and glued it inside the frame to trim the raw edges. I attached a proper purse chain with hooks into the purse frame so the chain could be removable, and then added a gorgeous skeleton key on a chain to the strap as well – though it`s not fuctional, just pretty!

What do you think?  Do you like the black or ivory version better? Reply in the comments!

Close up of the portrait

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