Inside Button Button

More great gothic buttons from Button Button

Not too long ago I was talking about Button Button, a cool button shop in Vancouver where I picked up some great steampunk buttons and some cool gothic buttons as well.  I thought that I would share with you some additional photos I took from inside the shop – in particular trays of the goth and steampunk buttons they have – including those I purchased… and others I left behind.

I have to admit, I was really tempted by those white and grey skull shaped buttons, but thought they might be a bit to kitchy for anything I’d sew.  I also LOVE the black widow spider buttons – but yellow is a bit too bright for my taste.  If those babies had been on grey I would have been sold!  There were also some adorable plastic skulls with little bows in bright colours, and plain plastic skulls too – so cute!

some of the steampunk buttons from Button Button

Here are just some of the steampunk gear buttons, they also have some awesome wooden gears that I was really tempted by (hmm I should have gotten them!) and I also was really tempted by the little female ‘busts’ to at the top left hand corner – but again, I couldn’t really think of what I would use them for.  In this area Button Button also has some totally cute anime-inspired buttons, and the cartoony buttons at the bottom left of this photo. The lone button in the middle right of this photo actually is a two-part rotating cog… how cool is that?

Wwhat you would have done with some of the buttons I didn’t get?  Would you have found a home for those spiders on yellow?  Let me know in the comments below!


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