Satin Moon

Inside Satin Moon

Not long ago during my trip to Victoria, I popped into a quilt shop called Satin Moon. I’ve gotten into the trend of visiting fabric and quilting stores when I travel, and like the idea of bringing back fabric (or something!) that can come to represent the trip.  Visiting Satin Moon made for a charming experience, in a well-lit, well-organized small quilt shop.  They had the regular assortment of patterns, fabrics, notions, and books.  I most enjoy seeing patterns representing local designs (such as Haida First Nation-style artwork, whales, forests, and mountains), and they also had  a small selection of Asian-inspired cotton prints.

Inside Satin Moon

They have a LOT of inspirational finished pieces throughout the store, and a section in the back with finished quilts for sale.  They also have a section of children’s clothing (patterns and otherwise) for those who love to make kids clothes from the often brightly-patterned fabrics made for quilting.  I also especially was pleased to find 100% wool felt, which is difficult to find.  However they only had it in small prices, but I still picked up a few colours for needle felting.

The staff at Satin Moon were great too – very helpful and friendly… yet experienced enough to know to just let sewers shop!  There’s also a small sale area in the corner with cool fabrics and tools – though nothing I needed (or could convince myself I needed…)

I'd love to try this pattern if I could find the right fabric...

I found the store really inspiring – I love this “window” – I’ve seen it done up in other fabrics too, and think it would look great with a scenic fabric print.

So, other than the aforementioned felt, what about fabric? Patterns?  I unfortunately didn’t see any patterns that I wanted (other than ones I already have, or ones like the above windows that I don’t have the fabric for yet anyways…) but I did find a fantastic Asian-inspired fish print from Kona Bay(12 Art Treasures).  It totally reminds me of a friend, and I love the bold print.  I think that I’ll make a lightweight kimono/robe out of it – or perhaps if I feel brave, a stunt dress.

My one regret – isn’t even mine really – but my mum was LOVING a pattern she saw there – called “Waves”, and I tried to convince her to get it… BUT she was being stubborn, and didn’t.  Of course, on the ride back home to Calgary again, she was STILL talking about it and regretting not picking it up.  In the end, she ended up ordering it from them online – and it came super-quick!

You can find Satin Moon Quilt Shop at:

1689 Government Street
Victoria, BC V8W 0A1
(250) 383-4023

Have you been to Satin Moon?  Karin wrote for Quilters Haven about the shop, as did Dawnie in Itching for Stitching.  If you have been there, let me know what you thought (and what you bought!) in the comments below!  If you need more bloggy goodness, check out the Satin Moon blog – which is a series of images for inspiration!


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