Steampunk Stripes

Photo from Steampunk Couture's Spring 2011 line

One of the fabrics I’ve been looking for has been a brown and black stripe, not unlike some of the striped fabrics that Steampunk Couture uses off and on. It has eluded me for a long time, but I finally found something!  It isn’t as wide of a stripe, but I think it will be good; a nice way of having both blacks and browns in one outfit – I usually wouldn’t use both in one.

The fabric I found is a wide brown stripe with a narrow black stripe (I was looking for something even, but I don’t mind this at all) but on either side of the black stripe is a single thread of black metallic.  The fabric is very light weight (about the weight of cotton broadcloth), so it certainly won’t work for pants – but I’m thinking that it would work nicely for a pair of bloomers not unlike the white ones on the left in the picture below, or the top of the skirt on the right. (From a previous post.)

Paper dolls

Here’s a photo of the fabric itself – it’s not a great photo I’m afraid.

Black and brown pinstripes with a quarter for scale.

While I was up in Edmonton not too long ago I also picked up a few other striped fabrics with the intentions of doing something neo-Victorian/Steampunk with them.

Pink and black striped taffeta from Marshall's and brown/tan/blue striped cotton from a quilting shop

At Marshall’s I picked up a pink and black striped taffeta that was super-cheap (one of the few really good deals that I got there).  I think I picked up something like 9 meters of it, so I can pretty much do whatever I choose…  At a quilting shop I picked up the bottom fabric – a brown, tan, cream, and blue stripe in cotton.  I didn’t get as much of this because it was a lot more money.

The house renos are still going on, which is frustrating, because it means even when I do have time to get creative (which is rare) I don’t have the room to do it in, or the access to all of my supplies.  I still don’t even have laundry (almost a week without it!).  I know I should just go with the flow, but I’m getting frustrated.

3 comments on “Steampunk Stripes

  1. […] a lot, since Dressew often seems to be a fabric-war-zone!).  Still, I did get some really pretty black and pink striped taffeta (which no, I STILL haven’t done anything with […]

  2. Rose says:

    Hello ive been looking for a brown and black pinstriped fabric for weeks now and havent found anything good. What youve got is just perfect but I cant tell where you got it from so where did you get it?

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