Yo-yo Puff & Freckles Quilt Shop

My latest blog-read has been the Mantua Maker by author Ruth Singer – I’m finding her comments about life as a freelance textile artist humorous and insightful, and her artistic and design work inspiring.  Reading it, I got to thinking about Yo-Yo’s… or as she calls them (across the pond in the UK) Suffolk Puffs (largely due to posts like these). All that thinking just festers though, and wasn’t really becoming anything at all, until I popped into a quilting shop that was going out of business – Freckles.  (Previously at frecklesquiltshop.com, but the url has expired with the closing of the shop).  There was ONE Yo-Yo maker (a Clover product) in size extra-large left on the rack of notions.  I grabbed it, and started thinking…

So, the Clover Yo-Yo Maker… it’s really a super-simple little tool – but it makes all the fuss of turning hems and stitching the circles for yo-yo’s together really fast and easy.  My mum was tossing out some fabric (100% cotton floral print) so I snagged it at least to experiment with.  I also picked up a random 2$ grab bag, and in it was a small container of random stray buttons.

You start out with the plastic discs, snap them with some fabric between, trim away the fabric, then start hand-stitching through the discs – basically the discs help you fold the seam allowance while you make the running stitch which, when you pull out the discs, help gather the outside edge of the fabric into the puff.

I picked out three of the buttons, and made up little puff flower-things…

Work in progress


I did a bit of online searching for Freckles, and could only find this rant about their service.  I admit, I didn’t have great service there either, though I suppose when a shop is closing, and you are loosing your job, it’s really hard to be cheery!

From Freckles - greens for landscape quilts

blue and two browns also for landscape quilts.. pink to go with a bag

Fat quarters for landscape quilts


Fabric combination one for a bag (the dressform and the stripes are from Essentials in Invermere, while the flowers and damask are from Freckles)

Bag possibilities #2 - with the stripes from Essentials in Invermere, and the remaining fabrics from Freckles

So.. next up… I had some ideas of what to use the yo-yos for… but I’ll get to that in another post.

2 comments on “Yo-yo Puff & Freckles Quilt Shop

  1. […] to fabric for this one. I had the fabrics I picked up at Essentials, along with a few others from Freckles, and then it was just a matter of figuring out which ones I really wanted to use for this […]

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