Gala fabrics

Gala Fabrics

I made a point of getting to Gala Fabrics while I was in Victoria.  They have a Vancouver location as well which I’ve never been to (and one in Hong Kong too according to their website), but the Victoria location is central and was easy for me to get to during a recent trip.  It’s jam-packed (and yet doesn’t feel to crammed) with gorgeous fabrics from around the world.  If you’re looking for quilting cotton or home decorating fabrics, they have them, but where they really shine is fine fashion fabrics.  Here is where you are going to find shelf after shelf of Chanel-style wool boucle, beautiful laces, gorgeous silk brocades, and a huge selection of fine knits.  One of the more unusual sections (at least for me) was their “eco” fabrics – fabrics from bamboo, hemp, seaweed, and organically-grown cotton.  I loved the feel of some of the tencel fabrics, and was totally tempted by the huge selection of velvets.

"eco" fabrics at Gala

However, the one thing that I knew I could get here, that is tremendously hard to find locally is Millinery Veil material – often called French or Russian netting.  I purchased some from them when they came to Calgary for an annual sewing show, and that was on my must-get list visiting the shop in Victoria.  I purchased the narrow width in brown, red, black, and navy (leaving only the white and ivory behind) and also got some black in the wider width.

Netting from Gala Fabrics

I also couldn’t resist picking up some of this hook and eye tape – featuring extra-large hooks riveted to grosgrain tape (with a satin cover).  The shop owner suggested that this would be good for corsets – I don’t know how strong this will be – but I’m willing to give it a try on corset-like tops to start out with – though I don’t know if I’d trust my cinching to this.. we’ll see!

Cool hook and eye tape from Gala Fabrics

Have you been to Gala Fabrics before?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Gala Fabrics
1483 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2G2
(250) 389-1312

One comment on “Gala fabrics

  1. […] and slide in a hair comb to be able to wear the fascinator.  I then added a ‘poof’ of hat veil material (it’s a net with a much bigger hole than tulle and a heavy-thread edge) and a tiny plastic […]

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