Steampunk – Garments

Steampunk – Garments

So, in thinking of all the different individual garments I would like to make  for a mini-steampunk wardrobe, it struck me that it might be a good idea to outline what I already have, to avoid duplication – or frankly – forgetting about things!


Skirts – for skirts, long and full seems to be the simplest way to go, although in later period the skirts did get narrower.  However, for the long and full category, I have:

    • Long, full black cotton (blend?) skirt (metallic stripe skirt) – purchased
    • Long full black and white striped cotton skirt with pleated striped edge and black piping –made
    • Long full red silk skirt with black lace overlay – this is more of a costume piece, but might work if there was enough other details going on over top of it to distract from the motif of the lace.  (Spiders) –made
    • Long full blue-shot-with-black taffeta skirt with pleated trim and lace overlay. – made
    • Long, full black polyester/taffeta skirt (grad skirt) – made
    • Long, not overly full, purple taffeta skirt (shot fabric) – made

Tops – The extreme fit of a lot of Victorian tops take them out of contention for me, and make them much less wearable for my body type, however there are a few I have which might work more for casual costume use, vs. anything approaching recreation.

  • Black sheered (gathered) top with satin collar – purchased
  • Black sheered (gathered) top with satin collar removed – purchased and altered
  • Purple sheered (gathered) top with satin collar – purchased
  • Red sheered (gathered) top with satin collar – purchased
  • Pinkish-purple sheered (gathered) top with satin collar – purchased
  • Ivory lace sheered (gathered) top with satin collar – purchased
  • Black lace sheered (gathered) top with satin collar – purchased

Corsets – most of the corsets I own are more art or fetish-related than “pretty” to be suitable for a Victorian or Steampunk costume, however the following might work.

  • Black cotton twill underbust corset with buckles, would work more for airship pirate/etc than for fancy dress. – made
  • Gold overbust silk corset with black soutache, is certainly the right cut and colour. – made
  • Purple and black brocade overbust, doesn’t fit as well as I would like. – made

Dresses – I think these dresses are most appropriate for the kind of costumes I have in mind, however they’re also the biggest investment for the least wearability.  That’s kind of a huge downside – on one hand they are difficult to alter if one part starts fitting worse, they require the most fabric and fitting expertise, and they also make the biggest impression- and thus can only be worn so often before becoming “tired”.  I’m a bit hesitant to make more at this point in time, especially considering how unsatisfied I am with my current body shape. Luckily, what I have thus far is minimal!

  • Silver taffeta gown – with pleated sleeve edges, black fringe. I made this to go with the blue skirt with black lace overlay.  Currently it doesn’t FIT the way it should, and I’ve got a blue and gold brocade false vest front in it instead to make it fit.  So disappointing – made.
  • Black PVC ballgown – obviously not appropriate for most wear – I can’t even really think of how to make it work, only that the cut is about right. – made


Cloaks, Capes, & Mantles

  • Long black cotton cape – made
  • Long black wool cape with mohair (etc) fulling – work in progress
  • Blue linen-like cape with hand-woven brown and navy wool collar – made
  • Brown/burgundy/navy cloak – made

Shrugs & Cardigans

  • Brown shrug –work in progress
  • Brown lace long sweater – made
  • Blue and ivory pinstripe shrug – work in progress


  • Black lace loose top – the one with the crystal dangles – made

Bustles & Aprons

  • Black unlined lace-trimmed bustle – made
  • Black unlined lace-trimmed apron – made
  • Purple and gold sari-fabric bustle – in progress


Hats – I have a number of hats, but not all of them go with all of my ideas for outfits.  Still, they certainly take an outfit from the mundane to the more interesting very quickly.

  • Black mini top hat with veil and sequins – made
  • Black mini top hat with veil – purchased
  • Black mini wellington hat with black and red flowers, ribbons, buttons and peacock feather – made
  • Vintage black velvet caul-style facinator with zig-zag detail, pearls, and veil – purchased
  • Vintage brown feather hat (1940’s) – gift
  • Vintage black top hat (full sized)  – purchased
  • Silver taffeta mini tricorn with keyhole- made
  • Green shot with brown taffeta mini tricorn with cogs/gears – made

Jewelry – like some of the accessories, jewelry seems to finish off an outfit nicely.  Lucky for me it’s small, easy to make, and generally affordable.

  • Tudor-meets-Victorian jet, garnet, black pearl and cameo rosary-style draped necklace – made
  • Pearls – so many different styles… – made and gifts
  • “Key” pin with charms (more EGL style though) – made
  • Pearl and silver heart pin – gift
  • Cameo – traditional style – purchased
  • Cameos – bat, octopus, skeleton, various colours – made
  • Vintage pill-ring – gift
  • Green shot with brown taffeta flower pin with veil – made
  • White, silver, black and pink silk hair flower pins (2 each) – purchased
  • Copper octopus necklace – made

Other accessories – things I just can’t seem to fit anywhere else

  • Black stretch ruffled cuffs with antiqued brass snaps – made
  • Black and white brocade spats with lace trim – made
  • White lace parasol – gift
  • Black velvet Victorian style reticule-type purse – made
  • White jaquard Victorian-style reticule-type purse – made
  • Ruffled black and white plaid bustle-like purse – made

Like the other post, I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this one as time goes by, and I remember things, or see their potential!

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